Friday, March 11

mother-effin' famous: Fill-In #33

No, I don't mean to gloat.  Yes, I was very excited to have a question chosen for this week's Friday Fill-In.  And yes, I urge all y'all who are attached to that military guy/gal/hermaphrodic to move on over to Wife of a Sailor and!

I really should lay off the sugar.  Sad thing, I haven't had any.  This is what happens when you're training for a half marathon.  You're jazzed after runs.

But let's get to those questions.  Because then the weekend can start.

1.) During military separations (whether short or long) how do you keep yourself positive and motivated?
I hang out with my dog.  I hang out with my running buddy.  I spend too many hours yacking with family and friends on the phone.  And I sleep - like 9 hours a night.

I try not to blog that I'm alone because I'm paranoid.

But I want people to know why I'm mopey if I hit a skid in the road.

Then I spend the last 24 hours in a mad dash to clean the house.  It's the opposite of the Navy.  Wait, then hurry up!

2.) What is your favorite concert you have ever been to?
The Legwarmers (an 80's cover band from Washington, D.C.) on our last Saturday night in Downtown Norfolk.  We were offered tickets, as a farewell present from a college friend.  And I'm glad we didn't turn them down.  For those who know how awesome The Deloreans are, these guys were 100 times better.  TRUST me.  Amazing!

Not to plug them for those in Hampton Roads, but they're next performance is on April 30th at the Norva (Downtown Norfolk).  Tickets are $12.50.  I recommend going early, parking in the residential area down by the Chinese Pagoda (it's free!), and catching dinner Downtown or in MacArthur Mall before enjoying the show.  They're completely worth it.  And I wish I could Space-A it back for an encore performance.

3.) What do you miss the most about your "hometown?"
Umm, this awesome lunch place called "Luigi's." It's a very unhealthy "garbage grinder" sandwich dripping with oil and meat sauce.  And only good once a year otherwise you'll die from heart failure.  That sandwich and family and a few friends.  That's it.

The motto of my hometown.  Get out.  For at least a bit.  Otherwise you'll end up one of those with 3 kids from 8 different baby daddies, working at the same restaurant as all the high school dropouts, and living with your grandparents on welfare.

Go to college.  Then come back educated.  Get a better job.  Live on the good side of town.  And raise educated babies.  And teach them to do the same.

4.) If you could run in any race, which charity would you choose to support?  MY QUESTION!
I would love to run a race for Multiple Sclerosis (my grandma passed because of the disease), but they have that little catch where you have to raise money in order to run.  I'd rather just pay a steep entry fee and have it go to charity.  So they need to learn that until they change, I choose not to run.

In Norfolk, I ran an 8K on behalf of the local children's hospital.

I'll even run a race for the animals.  Especially bulldogs. :)

5.) You find our Willy Wonka is your father, what 3 course meal do you INSIST he create in that stick of gum?
Gourmet green leaf salad with walnuts, Gorgonzola, pears, and balsamic dressing.  Then eggplant Parmesan.  Then Girl Scout's Tagalongs.  Yum.

And I leave you with this hilarious picture.  So, happy spooning this weekend.


  1. I love Tagalongs, they are my absolute favorites!

  2. I have a bent objects book because the pictures are so hilarious! :D

  3. I'm walking for the LLS and you have to raise a certain amount of money to participate in the marathon. I'm actually enjoying the fundraising part. So far it's not turning out to be as hard as I thought.

    Great question this week!!

  4. Heyy! I'm joining you with this weeks MilSpouse Fill In! I love your blog, and I loved your question!