Wednesday, March 2

vegan week: Day 4

So Day #4 is 'Hump Day.'  Halfway from the beginning of veganism and the end.  Am I excited for bacon again?  Absolutely!  In fact, this Saturday I have a date with In 'N Out.  Because I deserve it.  And what better way to clog the arteries than fresh, never-frozen beef on a delicious bun with the secret sauce.  I'm drooling just thinking about it.

I'll say that after Day #3, this whole veganism thing gets a lot easier.  Could I keep doing this?  Probably.  I'd have to double my produce delivery for sure.  But do I want to give up forever the delicious tastes of my dad's Biscuits 'n Gravy, or chicken tacos, or my mom's chicken casserole?  No!  Veganism is great.  I feel good after every meal.  There is something to cleansing the body from the extras of saturated fat that red meat bring to the plate.

Lunch was leftovers from Saturday.  I did have to add some cashews to it for texture.  Hot sauce would have been nice too.  But I didn't have any of that at the office.

For dinner I whipped up some fried tofu tacos with leftover asian cabbage.  I honestly could have thrown some cheese on top and had a fantabulous time.  But I didn't.  I wouldn't be able to live with my conscience if I were to cheat.  So true vegan it was.

Thank goodness Wednesday's dinner will have a bit more time involved with it.  Just wait and see.  It'd going to be de...(wait for it!)...licious!


  1. That actually looks really good. After 10 years or so of kind vegetarianism I still can NOT cook tofu to save my life. Just can't do it. My husband is very thankful for this fact, however.

  2. If only one could get Yuengling here in California. The Husband would be doing cartwheels in the street.

  3. Yay race cups! I think, we need to figure out when the Disney Land princess half is and make it a point to run that. because, awesome.

  4. Oo that looks good. Did you fry it in olive oil? I'm going to try that.