Wednesday, March 30

it's only tuesday

The house is quiet.  Mr. Wookie is away defending freedom from...well...I have no idea.  I mean, I know we have some enemies in this country, so he's flexing his Wookious Maximus muscles against oceans, bunk bed sleeping, prison pranks, and rewearing the same flight suit.  Oh, and emailing me...

Tonight's dinner is the ever-classy take-home pizza from Vons/Safeway.  I contemplated the $5 small.  But then I knew I had some miles to log and should consider the $8 large instead.  Carbs and fat: the perfect pre-run meal.  Or at least it totally makes me feel better than I'm scrounging down 3 pieces, with Ranch to dip, and will finally hit that 6:30/mile pace.

Ya, that pace is in my dreams.  But it makes the pizza make me feel better.

I also was tweeting about how the rum supplies were low.  I did fail to quote Johnny Depp with "Where's the rum?" - my bad.  We had a plethora of Coke...but nothing to make my Jeopardy game really step it up. So thanks again to Vons for the Club Price of $WhoCares.

My big girl step last night was to have Sweet Pea not sleep with me.  I maaaaaaay have allowed it the past couple times Mr. Wookie's been away.  Buuuuuut she wasn't keen on knowing that when he's here...her ass is back on her couch.  So fail.  It was a hard lesson learned as the door was closed last night after I tucked her into bed (yes, we're those lame ass people who tuck their dog into bed.  She's super cute, and DESERVES it.  How would you feel being dumped at a shelter, at night, tied to a post!?!?!?!?).

Yes, I always tell her sap story.  Because a.) it makes me look like an effin' superhero, and b.) it makes her look like the saving Grace dog that miraculously makes me a better person.

We have an idea of his return date.  But as always, things can change.  It's nice to have him here and gone 50/50 percent of the time.  It's the slight change in pace of eating alone, eating cereal for dinner, not making the bed, not doing dishes, and being the one who picks up 100% of the dog poop.

Oh, and when you have multiple people gone from the same squadron, you get dinner dates with other Junior Officer wives (aka my running buddy!).  Thank you Sheriff for the Costco lasagna [acquired on our trip to Palm Springs] - it will serve as a delicious dinner for my running buddy, her cute-as-shit offspring, and moi!  Again...carb-loading for those training runs (for sure!). ;)


  1. I think the "$8 large" was a great idea!

  2. I've already started sneaking the pup into the bed. I think it's only fair that I still have a warm body to sleep next to - especially if its our rescued boy! ;)

  3. My dogs sleep in the bed with us too. I'm too much of a pushover to kick them out... and Shecky keeps my feet warm since she sleeps on top of them. The funny thing is that Bones will sometimes kick herself out and go sleep on the dog bed in the corner. I guess she doesn't like to be crowded.

  4. Glad to see you're making the most of your "alone" time... hooray for having puppies to keep us company!