Tuesday, March 1

vegan week: Day 3

Thinking of going vegan for a week?  Put more than a day into it.  That's all I have to say.  Due to the last minute plan of attack that Baby Sister and I put into our new lifestyle, it would have been nice to have a little bit more time to research/prepare my meals for the week

I'll equate (at least for me) going vegan with quitting coffee.  Although there's NO WAY I'd quit coffee.  I agree with Jake Gyllenhaal, "I can't quit you."

I think Day #1 is all optimism.  I can do this!

Day #2 is...What the living &*$@ was I thinking?

Day #3 is more dreaming of what could have been.  Let's just say the smell of chicken pad thai danced around the office while I knew I couldn't even lick her styrofoam take-out container since it was "contaminated" with chicken and egg.

Oh, cheese....and eggs...how I miss you.

I think when you put time and effort into planning your meals, veganism is a good thing.  If I had to stop the experiment now, I'd take away from it the notion to begin all meals vegan.  Then add nutrients as you see fit.  I loved the sweet potato chili I made last night.  Throwing it atop corn bread with a mix of cheeses, along with a Costco dog seems like a great meal.  Yes, I know, Costco dogs aren't healthy.  But damn, they're delicious!

But we're not stopping.  We're storming ahead.

In case you're curious, yes, they make soy yogurt.  Or as I call it, "soy-gurt."  I've been trying it out for a few weeks as I've continually reduced my dairy intake.  So far, so good.  I don't like looking pregnant, I'm that bloated.  So instead of loving on Chobani's yogurt, I turn to the soy alternative.  And it packs 7 grams of protein.  Not too bad when mixed with triple-checked-for-any-honey granola.

[Lunch was yesterday's leftovers.  Snore-fest.  I hate eating last night's dinner for lunch.  I prefer to have a day inbetween to mix it up.  Kinda like an open marriage with Sting.  Kinda.]

And because today was mostly a graze-fest, I continued the notion with some vegan pancakes.  Inside secret: When I'm ravishing and just want to shove something in my face for dinner.  It's pancakes.  Because I can't have bacon and eggs.  Until Saturday morning.  Along side my mimosa for completing this task of a week.

The rest of the batter will fridge nicely until I need them next.

And when you have to be conscience to add protein with every meal, I don't think ants in the syrup is what people had in mind.  No, I didn't use this.  It was the remnants on an old-ass bottle from Virginia.  Don't judge.  Everyone has something like that in their pantry.  Or do they?  Do I need to be nominated for Clean House or what?  Thank goodness I had a fresh bottle also.

Voila.  Inhaled.  And delicious.

Am I done eating for the night?  No.  That was just something to get in my belly before I showered from walking the dog.  Like I said, I wasn't adequately prepared for the meals for when I got busy and didn't have the time to leisure troll online for recipes.  So now I'm indulging in an adult beverage, rockin' the Adele station on Pandora, and researching how to make my artichokes delicious.  Any secret recipes?  Besides butter!  Grr!

I do know someone's who planning a future Vegan Week, and my words of advice are plan ahead.  Plan for snacks.  Instead of reaching for string cheese/protein shake (which mine have whey in it - grr!)/hard-boiled egg, know what there is to eat.  I should have stocked up on snacks - I only keep cashews in my pantry since I usually have alternatives at hand.

Let me, though, revel in how I'm feeling so far.  I feel great.  Minus the confusion when I'm hungry and the need for in-depth label reading.

Do I think jumping from omnivore to vegan is the best transition?  Not really.  I think it would have been easier to jump vegetarian to vegan.  That way you're already well-versed with tofu, tempeh, and seitan. I've tried tempeh.  And it was just 'eh.'  Tofu is on the agenda for tomorrow.  Yum.

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  1. Tofu for me as well tomorrow. Probably in a stir-fry of some sort. I spent 20 minutes analyzing Asian sauces to find one that was healthy AND animal free. Ohh, and picking out chips with my spinach hummus (to DIE for and locally made) was a chore. Finally settled on the black bean chips and they did NOT disappoint. Let me know what you decide for the artis.