Friday, March 25

i'm not dead. proof: Friday Fill-In

Can you believe I get busy?

Yes?  You're being nominated for sainthood next to me, of course.

No?  Blast!  Why wouldn't I get busy.  I have a very stressful life.  I eat.  I sleep.  I sometimes do the dishes.  I sometimes blog. ;)  And I work.  Then I work from home.  Oh, and that dog too.  She doesn't like it when I grab more than 2 cups of coffee.  Little does she know, coffee consumption is linked to her neediness.  Okay, that's a lie.  I'm from Oregon.  We live for coffee.  Coffee with Silk soy creamer.  Remember, we don't like bloating around here.  But that's what week it eff the bloat.

1.) What is your must have gadget? [Flying High With My Flyboy]
Obviously gadget implies technology, and what would life be without a cellphone.  But everyone can't live without their cellphone.  Mainly because it's the only phone we have in the house. #landlinesareso2006

What about our automated turtle feeder?  They get the shaft end of the turtle stick when we leave town but bring the dog along.  Sorry kids.  That's what you get for surviving the dinosaurs.  You get shmuck-like hospitality.  You're welcome.

2.) How does your adulthood compare to what you imagined it would be like when you were a little kid? [L to the Third]
Oh. Dear. Me.

When I was a spry, young 17-year-old, I thought I'd be graduated college at 22 with a BS in Chemistry, a Minor in Forensics, and an upcoming job with the Oregon State Police Crime Lab.  I'd get married at 24, and then pop out babies at 26, 28, and 30 if an "accident" occurred.


Then I realized science degrees suck and don't include a social life.  So I changed that.  I graduated college at 23 (I think), then I traveled because being barefoot and pregnant wasn't appealing.  Then I hit 26 and realized the freedom of not having kids is so amazing.  Now I'm 27 and enjoy the life of dog ownership.  I can leave her for a few hours and not have Child Protective Services called.

That and when you're 17, you don't realize that the guy you may procreate with is involved with a heavily radared aircraft where you have high chances of birthing girls.  And as fun as that sounds, I don't want to have a plethora of estrogen in the house.  So, that little notion is enough to continue debating spinning sperm vs. ordering children off NewEgg.

3.) What is your favorite chocolate recipe? [Our First Deployment]
No bake cookies.  Because it takes 5 minutes to satiate your appetite.

4.) How do you deal with military life when it gets to be too much or too hard? [Combat Boots and Pointe Shoes]
Drink, cry, drink some more, bitch on your blog, buy more vodka, nap, eat Cheerios 3 times a day, maybe paint your nails, join looking for a local drinking club, try a hashing club instead, find people that like to drink and run - the best of both worlds.

5.) What piece of advice would you give a new Military spouse facing their first deployment? [The Albrecht Squad]
Well...we haven't done a deployment yet, just flight school-induced separation (read more here).  But during a year and a half of long distance, I'd like to think I have a slight clue in how to remain entertained when all you want to do is jam up their email with OMG,I'msoboredrightnow.  Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies.  Friends, friends, friends.  Sleep, sleep, sleep.  In no particular order, because anything that helps pass the time is worthwhile.  That and journal your heart out.  Literally.  You'll pass a lot of time writing and/or icing your hand - and the memories from yesteryear you'll read later will be clearly re-felt and understood after you're back together. 

Morning cell phone pic of my Friday Fill-In assistant.  She's never too excited when I sit at my desk and type away.  Mainly because we're not lounging on the couch watching Real Housepets of Orange County.  But she needs to earn her Dick Van Patten's (food) somehow.


  1. You're the second person so far to mention no-bake cookies... and now that I've heard that I can buy them at Walmart, that's even less effort than they were originally!

    Have you tried the new cinnamon burst cheerios? They're uh-maze-ing!

  2. Oh you have to share the recipe for those "no bake" cookies!

  3. #4 = The best possible answer

  4. Hahaha I love your answer for #4

  5. Science degrees. No social life. Ha. I'll show them. Oh wait, I'm not showing them because I'm at home studying and taking breaks reading your blog. Damn.

  6. #4- Can you only do this during deployment, or is it acceptable as a daily habit? :)

  7. I looove no-bake cookies! My aunt used to make them when I was little and we called them "cookies you eat with a spoon" because we could never wait for them to cool before we devoured them. :)

    Is that true about heavily-radared planes and having only girls? My fiancé said something about it once but I didn't know it actually happens!

  8. Uhm, I seem to remember calling drunk bestestes and watching movies together over the phone.
    Or just calling non-drunk bestestes. That always makes me happy...

  9. An automatic turtle feeder?????? I need to look into this!! I had no idea such a thing existed ... but I always worry about our turtle when we're gone!

    And I also am off to look up no-bake cookies ... intriguing!