Monday, March 28

i like where i've been just fine

And because I'm lacking all sorts of amusement today, minus the cocktail in my hand, I've decided to yack about where we've been.  Mostly thanks to the Navy because that's what they're around for....defending freedom and getting my travel fix on.  Okay, maybe more on the defending freedom, but I'm still a little right. :)

As you can see I've traveled the West quite a bit.  Minus Utah (which is on my list) and Colorado (which hosts a large plethora of the breweries that are near and dear to my heart!), the rest is in a category under Thank You Navy, Otherwise I Never Would Have Been There.

Our trek down South involved moving Mr. Wookie to Flight School in Pensacola, Florida.  Then our lovely move from Virginia to California hit up the most direct route through the Midwest.  Both trips = snorefest.

While I don't exactly have a desire to see the Dakotas, Minnesota, or Michigan, I'll always take traveling the country with that boy of mine in order to see how the rest of the world lives.  Just a warning: I don't do well with places that don't recycle, don't drink, and don't love redheads.  Yes, I'm aware of Utah - but I'll just join those exclusive drinking clubs.  Or hit up Annoyed Army Wife's stash.

I know I'm not extensively traveled, but I've made more progress than the rest of my family.  Except both my parents have hit up Alaska. #jealous  That story involves Mama Ging being deputized because she had to be the female escort for a convict.  What can I say?  My family is awesome.

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  1. I recommend the Dakotas. The Badlands are badass.