Tuesday, March 8

it's half marathon time

I dropped some change this weekend.  In the form of race entry fees.  Because I'm bringing sexy half marathon back.  And this is one way to add up those miles in order to compete with Baby Sister's continual weight loss.  [Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out Resolution #3!]  It'd be awesome if you leave some comment love on her 40-LBS of WEIGHT LOSS!  She's doing great!

My race schedule can be seen to the right under "Lost Sanity & Dollars."  Yes, you have to lose your mind to decide that it'll be the Year of Half Marathons.

The half marathon relay is being run with a fellow Junior Officer wife.  It's split with the first leg being 5.5 miles uphill (my share), and 7.5 miles downhill (her share).  She really wanted to cross the finish line, which is great because I wanted to tackle the uphill climb. And I promised her that I'd have a special treat for her when she crosses that finish line.  It rhymes with "Cheer." ;)

Then it's 14 weeks until the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon hosted by Point Mugu Naval Base.  This will cost me a total of $30.  Yikes. ;)

Then it's a quick turn around to the Malibu Half Marathon.  That J.O. Navy wife was totally an enabler in getting me to sign up for this one.  It was probably the promise of celebrity sightings.  Guilty. ;)

In case you didn't know, last half marathon training I gained 6 pounds of muscle.  I was fierce.  Okay, not really, but the legs definitely toned up.  So I'm utilizing those sneakers I got for Christmas and pounding the pavement again for a good cause.  And still rockin' the blue PT shorts from yesteryear.  I can't bear to split with Mr. Wookie's PT shorts of ROTC. #Hoarder

What I'm looking forward to these year?  Not having to be creative to avoid The Ghetto.  Instead, there's running the highways along the beach, running on base, and running around my neighborhood.  It's amazing what happens when you move out of Downtown Norfolk and to sunny California.

My name is shiny lights.

You better believe that there'll be a cooler of "rehydration" for post-race.  Because I enjoy getting drunk off a half beer.

No Mommy McD these races.  She's too busy raising cute babies.  But she wishes she could run with me.  And Mr. Wookie will be playing "proud Sherpa" as he documents my efforts with the hot new camera and ability to cheer me on from the sidelines.  So it's all me.  Unless you, my dear readers, want to join in.  Trust me, I'll make sure there's "beverages" for you too.


  1. Heck yes! Let race season begin!! I am so excited for your race schedule so I can stalk someone else through the blogs doing half's. My first half this year is the Seattle Rock n Roll. Looking for more I want to do up here. I SO wish I could have stuck around down south so we could have done a half together. Maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere. San Fran or Oregon border somewhere maybe? :-) What do you think?

  2. Oh so jealous! You're a hop, skip, and jump away from my dad in Newbury! <3 Have fun, and kick ass!

  3. Running a half is a post-baby goal of mine! I can't wait to hear about your experience! And I laughed when I saw the 'avoid the ghetto' map. Where else could you run in the Norfolk area that was safe? I definitely don't feel comfortable enough in my knowledge of the area to go running outside with my baby!

  4. Oh fun! Keep track of your celebrity sitings. If you don't see any, make some up :)

    I'm hoping to work up the half marathon point by the fall. For now, we have a 5K on the schedule next month and I'm pretty excited about it. And I have three pairs of those PT shorts in my drawer. Now if only I could lose 15 pounds so they'd fit again...

  5. I can't wait to hear about your running adventures. I will live through you, my friend. And I'm happy winter is almost over and you can get some sun on your legs. :) Just kidding...kind of.

  6. I paid $80 to run the Rock and Roll Marathon early last year in Phoenix, AZ. I only did half, but man, did I wanna die with no training. I'm actually running a lot more and I want to start training eventually because running a full marathon is on my list of goals for 2011. I can't wait to follow all your progress with the half-marathons. And the uphill, downhill relay marathon sounds fun! I'd wanna do that!