Wednesday, March 16

so 'bout those half marathons?

So the momentary panic has fleeted - like last week, both my running buddy and I were like 'OMGWTFWEREWETHINKING?????!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?'.  I'm back to normal.  Or, at least I will be...eventually...sometime...maybe soon...but let's not get our hopes up.  Aim low and you'll never be disappointed.

Baby Sister kicked ASS with her 5K on Sunday.  To those who commented before, thank you so much for being a non-ice crotch and telling her how hotshit she is.  So I'm going to ask again, tell her she's UBER hotshit.  She ran a 5K.  AND finished.  AND told that finish line to suck it.  Then ate greasy food afterwards and felt AMAZING.  AND she said her finisher shirt is killer.  Fashion is important to us.  Almost as much as how much you can drink on our 21st birthday.

I love caplocks.  Canyoutell???

So now she's working on her next races.  She's thinking to keep on the 5K routine for a bit before stretching out that distance.  She's a normal person who doesn't sign up for a half marathon after never running before.

At least intelligence found someone in the family.

But enough about her.  Ya, ya, we're proud...but this is my blog.  Therefore I get to rattle your ear off with nonsense, alcoholism, cursing, and requests for nap time.

Is running fun?  It can be.

It can also suck a big, fat one.

Like Sunday.  Do NOT have Chinese takeout if you're wanting to a.) be in the mood to hit the sneakers, b.) not suffer from MSG poisoning (so delicious though!), c.) run more than 2 miles on the treadmill because not even Giuliana could keep me interested.

But throw my ass a running buddy?

I'  And maybe throw me some sunscreen as well.  We all know I burn in March. ;)

Running with someone who's also similarly paced to a turtle without a shell (slow, but not that slow) is the best thing since lemon wedge garnishes.  Trust me.  I know my garnishes.

Thursday morning will included a lovely 3 miles, a lovely running buddy, a lovely Navy base, a lovely post-run smoothie, hopefully some lovely non-drip, sweat-proof aerosol sunscreen, and a lovely drive back home back to the Snoop Doggie Dog life.

Am I fast?  No.  Do I do it for fun?  Yes.  And does it hurt that long runs combats my intake for cereal-for-dessert, microbrews, and In 'N Out?

I realize that training runs are just that.  Training.  Obviously I feel the need to have negative splits at 7:12/mile.  Buuuuut.  I have boobs.  I have the gait of a drunk, newborn giraffe.  And I have a life.  OH, and I eat more than protein powder, flax seed, and air.  I'm trying.  It's a great workout.  And I get outta the house.  That's enough for me.

Did this post have a purpose?  Nope.  It's just Wednesday.


  1. I'm so glad to have my running buddy back (OccDoc) mainly because I'm in better shape and for once in our relationship I can totally kick his ass. It's awesome! Good luck on the training runs! And congrats to Baby Sister!

  2. My first and only (for now) half marathon I ran with no prior training or running for that matter. I'm pretty sure I couldn't walk for almost a week. I'm an idiot. And I would totally run turtle-paced with you. :) I'm sure my stumps could manage to keep up.

  3. I used to be a runner.

    Then I got married. And had a baby. And now I chase after a toddlet (who normally gets away). I'm trying to run again and struggling. Blegh. Hoping to make more progress now that the weather is nicer since I can't do treadmills without massive knee pain.

  4. I hate running but I love what it does for my body. Just the thought of running makes me cringe & shut down. Good for you for going through with it though!

  5. I absolutely love your posts. This made made me really laugh and my friend looked at me crazy. lol Enjoy your training runs.