Saturday, April 16

7 things thanks to 6 miles

The smell of donuts is enchanting - and this morning was no different as I hit a mile into today's 6 miles.  While they're not the healthiest thing to eat, once in a blue moon will NOT hurt anyone.  I've been trying out a thing where I have 4 donettes pre-3-mile runs (that way in case they don't sit well, it's an easy turn back home).  So far, so good.  The simple sugars are a quick get to eat donuts.  Dur.  That doesn't take a CaveWookie to figure that out.

Fun fact: I don't like Krispy Kreme (watch as followers un-follow).  I'm a cake donut person vs the yeast-based like Krispy Kreme.  And it kinda skeezes me out that they're warm.  Turds are warm.  Not donuts.

Over 2 miles out, I passed a mini mart and mental-noted that I'll hit that place up for water on my way back (out and backs are what's up here).  Well just under 4 miles, I stop in and sweatily asked the guy, "Where's the water?"  I'm looking a little haggard.  It's about 9:30am and the temperature is rising (I debated putting off the run until tomorrow, but then I realized I'm making tacos for dinner...and yeah, no, no run will occur tomorrow post-tacos).

I find this cute little bottle that'll kinda go into my hand without me looking uber flail-ish.  Plus it has a brilliant marketing campaign.  Water...with magnesium.  Magnesium prevents muscle cramps.  Hello, great for legs post-run.  So I waive the water bottle, "Is this under $2.00?  That's all I have."  Enter next person in line..."I've got the rest!"  Screeech, say what?  Or AC Slater, say what?  This nice Samaritan pony'd up the rest of my water bottle cost.  Sir, you are amazing.  And I thank you.  So I hand over my super sweaty dollar bills (they were in my shoe...jokes on them) and drink a couple ounces and step back into the rhythm.

Poor girl's guide to compression socks...throwing your legs up the wall and letting the blood drain that way.  Okay, I may not be poor...just stingy...and I'm holding out until Uncle Sam loosens his wallet and kicks back what mama has coming to her.  Then maybe compression socks.  But the wall is cheap.  And it comes with a personal de-sweat-er.  It's called Sweet Pea.

No boys checked me out this time.  This route runs past a Coast Guard station and I always oogle.  And what's cuter than boys who don't deploy?  Umm...well, nothing.  They have the same cute uniforms as the Navy, except they play in the those crazy rescue swimmers and such.

I'm still not eating breakfast or having coffee before running because I don't like to have my stomach in knots and I bow out 65% into my stint.  Instead, I hear relentless sloshing of my empty when I smell donuts, I really start drooling.  I'm going to experiment with white bread and peanut butter (in alternation with the donettes) since my usual 96-GRAIN-UBER-HIPPIE bread has too much fiber for me to handle.  Ahem.

My fuel packet today was a honey packet courtesy of KFC...from Virginia...from a year ago.  Yes, it was a little crystalized.  But yes, still delicious.  I like to keep things low brow 'round here.  Can't have people thinkin' I'm a high-horse riding Officer's lady friend who likes to stiletto dance over the poor, little, defense-less enlisted wives.  Umm, have you met some of those enlisted wives?  Yea...Master's degrees...traveling the world...they're hot shit.  Yes, some are 19 and haven't been outside their home state.  The same came be said for the O'Wives.  There's awesomeness in both pools; there's sludge in both pools.

I got new socks yesterday (score!).  I was at the mall looking for jeans, when all of a sudden Lady Footlocker appeared.  Clouds parted, angels breakdance'd.  Some people spend $20 on a single pair o' socks.  I hit up the LFL for the 3-pack of Asics for $10.  Holla.  Oh, what's this?  Buy one, get one 50% off.  Well shucks.  Guess that there is a purchase....with a 20% military discount.  Bad-ass mammajamma.

No, no luck with jeans.  Gap had some good stuff, but I wasn't sold.  American Eagle was a bit 'young' for me.  I'm 27, not 50...but still camel toe-rockin' skinny time has passed, thanks.

And tonight is Taco Night!  I don't know which I'm more excited for.  The tacos...or my dinner guest.  Tonight's menu was the ONE thing keeping me on my running schedule.  Thanks to Friday morning, my sleep schedule has been a little off.  So I briefly contemplated catching back up on my sleep this morning, and toughing out those 6 miles on Sunday.  Oh, what happened Friday?  Oh, you'll find out tomorrow.


  1. Gotta love those sweet-hearted people who are happy to lend a few coins to get you through your run :) And I got your back on those Krispy Kremes. Cake donuts are 100% the way to go - especially if its chocolate cake with chocolate icing with a side of skim milk. Oh boy, I think I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow!

  2. Silent blog stalker wants to know: did you cross over to married status with Mr. Wookie? Otherwise you couldn't have gotten a military discount on socks without an ID...

  3. I will have to see if I can find Neuro in Oklahoma. I have my doubts. I also have my suspicions about the announcement tomorrow. I think I am right, based on some clues in your recent posts. We'll see tomorrow.