Sunday, April 17

sunday celebrity action w/ chambanachik

Holla at cha' girl over guest blogging...

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Then come back to me.  I promise.  It'll be worth it.  Because you can't read more until you go first!  Now go!  Okay, refill that coffee cup.  I'll wait.  Okay, and pee too.  Grab some Cheerios while you're at it.  Okay...continue ahead!!

I couldn't believe this was my Friday morning.  I only took one picture of the carnage to text Mr. Wookie to make him jealous he wasn't home.  Because I'm pretty sure he would have signed up for a detail in Beirut to avoid coming home to us.

It was slightly repulsive.  And I didn't mention that it looked like ground beef when I had to clean up the mess.  Because I like ground beef.  I like it in tacos, lasagna, and in my belly.  It's delicious.  Thankfully I didn't threat veganism after Friday morning...because then I couldn't have sold Sweet Pea to a Thai family who'd make her into street food.

Sweet Pea is safely sleeping as I type.  No worries.  Although her look of, "Oh no, Owner's mad." was so cute.  Nope, not mad.  Just making sure you're okay.  Are you okay?  Okay.  Let's lay low the rest of the day to make sure.

I've never seen this much vomit before...and I've attended frat parties.  I usually don't do frats - but Mr. Wookie joined this tiny ass fraternity in college that was the known military fraternity.  So basically it was harmless since all the guys were PTing twice a week and had to keep decent grades for fear of being booted.  And I say 'tiny' because it was.  I think there were 7 when he was initiated.

Over the next day and a half, there was plenty of Googling, carpet cleaning, rationing of food, and constant analyzing the...ahem...output to ensure the...ahem...pipes were functioning.  She ate something that didn't agree with the system - that'll teach her to eat paper outta the trash.  Silly dog.

Worst case scenario: She's extremely lethargic, not eating, continuing to vomit, zero poop-age, and needing a trip to the vet.

Best case scenario: She's back to her squeaky ball-chasing self, maintaining healthy amounts of drool, forgot she canvas'd the house is hurl, and taking massive dumps that she's known for.

Well...her behavior was just that...her typical self.  No trip to the vet was necessary, although I about clubbed her like a baby seal when she regained her personality and wanted to play....while I toiled with the carpet cleaning machine (which I found one to borrow - thank the Lawd!).  Instead of purchasing the Hoover carpet shampoos, you can simply add a cup of vinegar to the water tank.  Voila.  Eco-conscious and cheap.

Never more have I hated Murphy, his Law, and military training.  Never have I gagged cleaning up vomit. I have a hearty stomach and plenty of training thanks to college - but this was the worse.  And never have I wanted to click my heels three times and wish it all went away.

So that was my Friday?  What?  Were you thinking something else?  Oh, really?  Do tell what you were expecting??  I'm all ears! ;)


  1. That was not a happy Friday if you ask me. Sucks, but I'm glad you found a carpet cleaner!

  2. Oh no! In other news, I tried your Navy cadence while I attempted to pretend to start acting like I was going to maybe think about being a runner - for 3 minutes. And I LOVED it. Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. loved your post you did for Erika, way too funny!