Friday, April 1

april fool's jokes that are such lies

Good morning!  This week has been a mix of Gah, Mr. Wookie isn't here.  I've alternated from eating cold pizza, cereal for breakfast, and a real meal of stir fry, I've wanted to sell Sweet Pea on the black market for a trust fund as well as eat up her cute, little face of drool, slobber, and Bulldog folds.  

I've been wishy washy.  I blame it on my ability to write pointless emails to let Mr. Wookie know he's loved and adored while away from home.  In return, I get, "Hi baby, Things are good here. I have my own room, which is nice. Let me know how things are back home.  Love, me."

Umm....didn't you just read that I wrote War and Peace of an email to you?


Anyways...back to my meme.  I feel the need as someone who couldn't care less about this "holiday" to debunk anything that you may think is truth coming from this blog corner.

We're pregnant!  Mama Wookie would loooove this.

We're engaged!  Both mamas would looooove this.

We've eloped!  The Sheriff would looooove this (pay up, Poppy!)

We're adopting another Bulldog!  If Sweet Pea were a drooling epiphany of dog friendliness, I could entertain the notion.  So we'll have to wait until she kicks the bucket 23 years down the road before we could ever love another Bully like her.

I bought a Sarah Palin shirt!  I didn't want to throw a political jab in here, but it's funny...if you know me.  I loved her show, I'm just now that far right on my Republican politics (we're Independents).  If anything, it'd be a McCain Blogette shirt!

I've decided to enter rehab.  Always.a.joke.

I'm ditching Mr. Wookie - I'm tired of him.  I've come to realize I'll never have the trust fund I want, so I'm settling for love.  Although I'm still positive I could learn to love an octogenarian like the next Holly Madison.

It's just the same ol' shit around these parts of the California coastline.  I am very excited to get out of the house tonight and spend dinner with a fellow squadron family.  Oh, and there's errands to run: Bank of America, Office Depot, Vons, the Men's Mission, and the gas station.  That last one will bring me too my knees.

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  1. I know what you mean! Usually I send Mike a sweet text at night before I go to bed, and he sends me one in the morning. It used to start my day with a smile, but now I find myself getting annoyed when his sweetness quotient isn't near as high as mine! Oh well.