Sunday, April 10

lazy Sunday

I think I've pulled the eyeboogers out of the corners of my eyes.  It's only been the first cup of coffee, so I could be wrong.  And Mr. Wookie isn't here to be grossed out and walk away.  So I'm still on my own to dig into eye mucus and string out the junk.

Yesterday I was tagged by Every Branch with 10 Things I Love!

The afore-mentioned 10 things I love...

1When Sweet Pea takes a deuce in the yard of a foreclosed house.  Because I feel zero need to pick up said deuce.  You couldn't pay your mortgage, I don't feel inclined to pick up her delivery.  Besides the house has gone to shit anyways...what some turds for accoutrement...?

Picnic time along side the South Umpqua river with Dr. Stacey Kervorkian

2My Z/2 Chacos in Basil!  Yes, I love my lesbian strappy sandals that are perfect for hiking, kayaking, boulder climbing, fishing, theme parks, traveling, etc.  I bought them for $90 before I went to Germany in the Summer of 2007.  I've not regretted the decision for one minute.  In fact, I wore mine Tuesday to meeting my running buddy.  She's wanting some too.  Can't blame her.

3(This one is a 3-fer!)  I love traveling...with my family...and eating at In 'N Out!

4. I love the outdoors and anything to do with nature.  This tent was put up after a few adult beverages - which turned out to be not a smart decision.  Set up camp first, imbibe second.  And always pack additional toilet paper.  Always.

5. I love a good, cheap, Asian pedicure.  You know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

6. I love myself. :)  I think I'm hilarious, a great friend, and I never take myself too seriously.  Unless there's a sale on shoes, vodka, lemons, Chippendale dancers with rockin' deltoids, or airfare to Oregon or Washington, D.C.

7. I love that we rescued a pet.  Sometimes you can rescue and have it bite you on your ass.  Not all animals are rehab-able.  With our big ol' girl, we feel like even her worst traits are minimal in the 'she could be so much worse' category.  Her worst thing is eating paper.  Weird, we know.  But we'll take it.  Oh, and there's her squeaker ball habit.  But that one is just costly.

8. I uber heart coffee.  I don't know what I'd do without it.  Seriously.

9. I [currently] love Brussels sprouts.  They're lean, mean, green little bundles of mini cabbage that are awesome, delicious, and hot-damn tasty.

10. I love that I was able to re-subscribe to Runner's World for less than $9 thanks to's magazine Deal of the Day.  After not renewing when we left Virginia, I felt a missing piece of literature in my reclaiming of being a Half Marathoner.  I just don't love waiting 6-10 weeks for the first delivery.

Now I'm supposed to tag 10 people.  10 people?  What do you think I am?!?  A mega blogger?  Maybe a mega-pain-in-the-ass blogger.  How 'bout wanna let me know your 10, then link up below and I can lurk and gurk all day.

We take Sundays very seriously in this house.  Please, don't disturb the sleeping canine.


  1. Oh yes. Great list. #8 for sure.

  2. Sweet Pea is just too cute! Ah, In 'N Out! I miss it! Hopefully one day Colorado will get one!