Friday, April 15

is this what they call 'maturity?' (and a follow-up on those inserts)

Something has changed here.  Something I never thought possible.  [gasp]  I think I'm a morning runner now. [the horror!]  I know, I know.  After many moons of enjoying the stressful need to my day in order to hash out some miles, now I'm finding peace in running alongside the beach in the morning.  What happened to the real Mrs. Wookie?

Realization came to me yesterday.  I went to bed early on Wednesday, set my alarm, woke up at the butt-crack of dawn while it was still cool, and trekked out for 5 miles.  I was on base, in a "NO PHOTOGRAPHY" zone (thus no pictures), and I ran a new route alongside the airfield.  It was glorious.  It was just cool enough.  And the sun was enough over the mountains.

When did this happen?  I dunno.

Life used to be pretty stressful in Virginia.  And with that, I guess it was only natural to be cranky in adding a post-work run into the mix when all I wanted was a cocktail and dinner cooked for me.  But we're not in Kansas Virginia anymore.  We're in California - where time passes by a bit slower.  It's where you can go sit on the beach, swear you've been there 3 hours, but only 12 minutes have passed.  It's wonderful.

I know why people live here.  And it's not for the high sales tax or high gas prices.

In other news, like how we're running Halfs this year...

I cropped my butt-thigh outta the picture.  You're welcome.

What inserts?  These inserts...

You may remember the post, "I've got the runs" (I thought the title was HILARIOUS!) and I mentioned I was suffering from tight calves and aching arches.  Thanks to the little world of Facebook and being friends with both a real-life PT as well as a in-grad-school-PT (shout out to Middle Sister's Fi-to-the-ance!), it was mentioned I should look into inserts. I used to dance ballet a billion years ago.  And when dancing, especially en pointe, your feet go wonk.  Well that wonk caught up with me and so I decided an early intervention will hopefully nix that shizz in the bud.

Oh, and I also Google'd the shit outta my issues.  Thanks to WebMD, Runner's World, and  Okay, that last website...not really.  Disclaimer: I don't claim to be a real runner.  I'm more of an enthusiast.  I enjoy it.  Sometimes.  Especially the beer afterwards. ;)

Apparently when you don't have a heavy heelstrike, and more of a midsole strike, it can cause arch pain (especially if they're already wonky).  Arch pain leads to tight calves.  Tight calves leads to Ben Gay and icing with cold beer bottles.  And that leads to more running.  We caught up?

Another disclaimer:  Take my Google-ing efforts with a grain of salt, a lime slice, and tequila.

Here are my current shoes.  Mileage count: 63 - so not enough for that to be the issue.  Let's blame those inserts that come in the shoe.  Goodbye thin-ass inserts!

These shoes.

The local running store had me try on a few options, with these totally-endorsed-by-a-real-runner inserts feeling the best.  I had debated driving the 45 minutes to Roadrunner Sports, but the price tag on "custom inserts" had my bank account flipping that store off.  So local it was.  And that shirtless dude...totally a published author.  So that has to count for something, right?  Minus being shirtless and delicious.  I'd lick my inserts...but...that'd be gross.  Where's my Purel?  Price tag w/ military discount (I'm telling you, I can swing things!): $42

As you can see, these puppies are a bit more robust in the form department.  The instructions are to pop them into the oven at 200 degrees, wait for the dot to turn black, throw them into your shoes, and stand in them for 2 minutes to set.  Sounds easy enough.  And nerd alert: They continue to form for the next few wearings.

And doesn't everyone do photoshoots by their Juliet balcony?  With their phone?

My new inserts are working great.  I popped them into the oven for 2 minutes, then into my shoes, and I've never felt anything more enjoyable. Maybe that's because I always have cold feet.  But new inserts have greatly reduced any tight calf issue so that's a good thing.  Just don't get expecting Big Sur Marathon PR's now.  I have standards.  And that's nothing more than 13.12 miles with beer to immediately follow.

Does this answer everyone's questioning of the magical inserts?  Bueller...


  1. Ooh, did I miss a new post about these magical inserts?!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Erin. What are the details on the magical inserts?

  3. Wait - so you are out running BEFORE your morning coffee?!?!?!? Who are you and what have you done with our beloved Mrs. Wookie?!?!? ;)

  4. It will make race starts seem so much less... Like... hell. Welcome to my world. :)

  5. I'll have to try getting some inserts. I can't run early morning in Oklahoma unless I want to run against/with a 45 mile per hour wind. Not my idea of fun. Especially before coffee.