Friday, April 8

i've got the runs

This weekend starts the climb.  The climb where each weekend adds a mile to the long run.  Up until now it's been varying between 2 miles and 4 miles.  Because I've been feeling ambitious, I've upped a mile to some runs.  But then, due to nights out on the town, some runs resemble Phoebe's love child with Lindsay Lohan (that would be a hungover flailer, if you didn't get that...).

Thursday was spent on base trekking 4 miles during the California Spring Break.  Spring Break = kids in tow. in stroller...and one on bike.  I needed to document my zest for the day, and thankfully both kids were capable of taking pictures.  Wednesday was raging hot, but yesterday was cold and windy.  Lesbian layers it was...

The kid on the bike was our unofficial non-police escort.

I've been having issues lately that I've been trying to fix.  First my right calf was crampy, probably a couple weeks ago.  I stretched.  I heated.  I BenGay'd.  I pressed on. right arch starting wonking up.  This was followed by my left calf.  Sooo.....high arch inserts it is.  They were slightly uncomfortable for the first 2 miles (exactly), but seemed to smooth into the shoe after that.  Whenever I can, I stretch my calves.  And with yesterday being a little cooler than previous temperatures, pants helped keep the heat.  I'm hoping early detection/prevention/aid will help me not search eBay for new lower legs.  But if I could, maybe some with tanning capabilities.

mid-run action shot!

Poor Peter Cottontail got smooshed by the saggin' wagon....

Oh, and for those interested (highly unlikely, but you NEVER know)...that whole run:walk ratio...well I'm still trying it.  Mainly because walk breaks are like shots of whiskey.  I never turn them down.  Which would you rather do?  It's turning into the same pace, so I'll keep it on the experimentation station for the rest of this 2 week trial period.


  1. I love the Phoebe/LiLo run reference- good luck on all your running adventures :)

  2. Pick up a small bottle of magnesium the next time you're at a health food store/Vons.
    Magnesium sure helped me for my leg/toe cramps. And that's for my late night runs to the fridge. Hahaha, that was supposed to be funny.
    Ok, so I don't do too much running any more. But it really does help with the cramps.
    It's worth a try. Perhaps you're not getting enough in your diet. I'd have to look up what foods contain magnesium if you'd rather get it that way. Or you could look it up since I'm busy doing your taxes. Hahaha. Should have them done tomorrow, Saturday.

  3. When I am feeling really ambitious, I run with the little guy in a BOB Revolution (jogging stroller) and my 70 pound chocolate lab. That way, when I run by myself, it feels like a cake walk.

    You can always push Mr. Wookie (when home...he can even drink beer!) in a stroller and take you adorable little fur girl on runs with you. That would be a sight I would pay to see. :)

  4. You have to be the only blogger on earth who has used that title for a blog post, lol.

  5. Tagged you for a meme on my blog, running friend! :)