Thursday, April 21

sometimes i get nervous

Last Saturday was a hefty 6 miles as we start the climb to 12 miles before the 13.1 on June 5th (you guys better cheer for me!).  You remember my great water bottle purchase, doncha?  Well I'll probably tote that bottle along for the run tomorrow as I tackle 7 miles.

A lovely outtake from my photo shoot with Running Buddy's kids.

Some days I get kinda nervous.  OMG, I have to run __ miles tomorrow.  But then I sometimes realize, You've run a half before.  This is no big deal.  Lately my long runs have been alone, which I'm okay with.  Running with someone is great.  Running alone, with just the music, or the waves crashing, is equally awesome.

It is daunting to see on the calendar: 5-6 miles with hills

It's daunting the first mile as you find your pace.  It's daunting as you hold steady through 3.  And it's daunting as you crawl past 5.94 waiting for your Garmin to tick the extra .6 miles so you can be done (I can't cheat!).  But once I'm done and the dog starts licking the sweat off my legs (can't deny the girl her love), I love that I'm able to scarf a spinach smoothie and a post-run snack without guilt.

Sometimes it's hard to get up early enough to beat the sun and the heat and still get ready for the day's responsibilities.  That's what happened Tuesday.  I meant to get up early, but failed.  Miserably.  Instead, the run was scoffed off until this weekend.  I'm very partial to my sleep, and I only got 7 hours of sleep.  That's not enough.  This here blogger lives for 8-9 hours.  I'm not joking.  Maybe I'll have kids.  Yes, I'll hire a nanny.

Instead, I'm preparing early.  By saying good night super early.

So if you care to join me running...but in your neck of the woods, it'll be 7 miles tomorrow, 5 miles on Saturday (I'm switching the long run to tomorrow - because I feel like it), then maybe 3 miles on Sunday (to make up for Tuesday's).


  1. How 'bout I think about you running while I'm not? M'kay? That work for ya?

  2. Woot! I haven't hit anything that lengthy yet, but I'm gearing up for a 10k next month. Carson has a running club on post that does a 10k, and I'm thinking about running with them soon to try it out. My runs have been more consistent though, and I think it was largely a mental block. I didn't go far because I didn't know I was capable of doing so. Now that I did that 5k recently, I know I can do at least three miles without stopping, so I use that to motivate me now. "Why are you stopping, you did three miles on Saturday?!"

    Good luck with your training schedule!

  3. Nervous schmervous. Think of the awesome ass running brings. You know Big One likes it! :)