Thursday, April 28

the headache of SoCal

Have you ever woken up with a headache?  Have you done this a few times a week?  Have you gone to bed with a headache and woken up with a headache?

Welcome to Southern California.

The past 2 weeks have been ridden with headaches - and I wasn't sure why.  It'd be a minimally as ever other day and as frequent as the morning right after the evening.  But now I know I'm not alone either.  My running buddy has been dealing with them as well, hers more specifically right behind her eyes.  Mine, all over.

I'm glad I wasn't alone.  Although I did think initially it was diet related.  I upped my water intake hardcore.  I cold-turkey coffee.  I nixed adult beverages.  I got my usual 8+ hours of sleep.  I snacked to keep the blood sugar at bay.  I was the epitome of a healthy, traditional California with the wink of Oregon hippie.  And a touch of Mormonism.

Obviously waking up with a headache, it crutches any desire to run in the morning.  Instead, I want to scratch the ibuprofen from the beneath-the-sink Rubbermaid drawers, pop 2 or 3 pills, downing more water, and crawling back into bed until it takes effect.  It was annoying.  And Mr. Wookie was also confused.

The worst thing about it, I missed coffee so much.  I felt extreme guilt for not indulging in it.  I felt like it made me an incomplete Oregonian.  I missed it more than I missed bacon during Vegan Week.  That's saying something.

But now that I know I'm not alone in my pain, I'm relieved.  And so are my legs.  Because it's been inconsistent in shoving my feet into the running shoes.  And I'm glad I'm wrong.  I should have known.  I suffer from weather-related migraines (like when the barometric pressure drops rapidly, I suffer from light sensitivity and need a dark room, drugs, a half a Coke, and a 20 minute nap), so this should have been a no-brainer.

So much for living in beauty along the coast of Southern California.  Now I know that life's not perfect here.  Along with high gas prices there's something in the air that causes pain in my skull.  I hope this shat clears up.  Because we have a week and a half until our relay race.  And I need to bring my the finish line.  Hydration's important.


  1. Hmm, I also get random headaches sometimes. I'll have to see if it correlates with weather changes.

    Well, at least you can go back to drinking coffee!!!

  2. Ugh, I get headaches from not drinking coffee, that would be the last to go on my list. I hope you're on the mend and the skull pain stops soon!

  3. Totally the same thing here, including the weather induced migraines. I was at the doc's twice this week. (I seriously just wrote this post, but Illinois style!)