Thursday, April 7

mrs., again.

He was here on Monday, late afternoon, but earlier than expected.  The boat didn't go as planned, aircraft didn't move as planned, and the weather didn't work as planned.  People CQ'd (carrier qualified), and some people didn't (the weather played a huge role).  I knew somethings mid-boat weren't happening, then I found out the rest after he got home.

Like this.

Mr. Wookie wasn't on the flight deck then, he just knew when he heard [code for communication blackout] while in his state room that shit when down.  And at least no one was seriously injured. And while I'll say I was shocked that such a calamity occurred, minor issues happen all the time.  And sometimes major ones.  That's why these guys train constantly.

And unlike other squadrons that got days off this week, not Mr. Wookie.  Tuesday morning began with 0700 PT, despite not recovering from the flight hours (they shifted working hours until up to 4am - gag!), and full days are expected out of the squadron this week.

But just as easy as Mr. Wookie rolls into town on his horse, he's gone again.  He was home for maybe 48 hours.  He did some laundry, packed up his things, and left again.

Oh the life of the Navy wife housemarm.  Not here today, not here tomorrow.


  1. I'm glad Mr. Wookie wasn't injured. I hope those that were injured recover quickly and fully. It's never comforting to hear about incidences like this, it just forces you to face reality. I hate reality. I'd rather live in my fantasy world.

  2. Wowza! Glad to read that he's safe - but unfortunately still not with ya :(