Friday, April 29

royal wedding!

I'm up!  How in the world?!?  1:30am is so early!!  But let's get this Royal Wedding started.  While I don't consider this monumental history, I am in great celebration from the couple.

There's something about not rushing into any formal relationship.  I admire them completely.  While plenty of people give them huff for spending so many years together, marrying so late, there's something to be said for not cannon-balling into the decision.  But as a royal, they don't get to do what we do.  We get to maintain our privacy and independence while they don't.  Okay, maybe not the privacy since I blog about us.  

Yes, they've had their ups and downs, their separations and their helicopter landings, but I respect them for shoving tradition.  They're like the Marshall and Lilly of England.  I love it.

Obviously I'm a fan of not being a lemming and jumping into marriage the day after college graduation.  I'm a fan of indulging in 5 Hour Energy in order to cheer these 2 on on their day.  I'm a fan of 5'10" ladies (ahem, Miss Middleton).  I'm also a fan of of whole nights of sleep.  But I'll get that another day.

Yays and Nays

Nay to waking up so damn early.  Really, that was such a rude wake-up call.

Yay to her looking GORGEOUS!!!  I saw a hint of Grace Kelly in it.  And I could tell how skinny she was since reports said she kept dropping weight because of nerves.  Girl, time to carb up.

Nay to the long-ass ceremony.  I was over it - an hour?  Really??  I wish there was a Cliff's Notes for it because I struggled to not take a bathroom break.  But then again, weddings kinda bore me.  Now the reception is where it's at.

Nay to the children's choir.  I swear, everyone had a mole on their face.  The collars were very fluffy.  And all I thought about was how Michael Jackson would love them.  The boys, not the collars...although he may like the boys in the collars.

Yay to the hilarity of the percussionist - he really got into his tympani.

Yay to the random 5 Hour Energy we had in the pantry.  I don't know what I would have done without it.  Oh wait, I do know.  I would have fallen asleep on the couch.

Nay to Victoria Beckham's hat.  It looked like...a crowning vagina (I went there).

Nay to the 2 princesses (Prince Andrew's daughters) behind the Queen.  They reminded me of the ugly stepsisters.  They could have used a stylist.  Stacey?  Clinton?


  1. Ugly sisters indeed.
    couldn't agree more.
    It was so funny that I reckon it must have been a deliberate choice.

  2. Love the post! I also bucked tradition - I didn't even wait until college graduation to get married, which was quite scandalous in my circle. :)

  3. I'm surprised at people's dedication; those of you who woke up so early to watch it!

    Kate seems fine as far as I'm concerned, but the hoopla about the wedding? Insane to me. I barely care about my own family's weddings... but love the photo that you used for them! So flattering to the two of them.

  4. I didn't know she was so tall. I officially like her more.