Wednesday, May 18

bird down, we repeat, bird down

I received my first "call tree" tonight as a plane went down on our base (I was out running around with Miss Sweet Pea sans phone, so I got 2 voicemails blowing up my phone this evening) and the ladies were alerting me that "Hey, there was a crash on the runway, it wasn't a Hawkeye, our guys are fine."

More coverage with ABC-Local and the LA Times show the beautiful surroundings of our beloved base with the ugly tanker broken amidst.

And I'm not one to pinpoint exactly where we are in the world, but when it's your literal backyard/stomping ground/running path/air station you feel differently.

I will say, the winds were a bitch this afternoon and evening. I'd bet we lived in Chicago if it weren't for the raging high gas prices, beach-front property, and homeless people with signs that say "Residentially Challenged."

I hope to get more information tomorrow as the information passes through it's appropriate channels, but let's wish a speedy recovery to the crew, the runway, and everyone's nerves!

So that's how things are in smoky Southern California. How's life on your end?

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