Friday, May 6

a running we will go, a running we will go

I can only apologize so much for being too busy that I didn't even think about blogging.  But I guess that's always a good thing when life's continuing, I'm making money, and kissing a Mr. Wookie goodnight.

But let's forget about a silent blog, and let's talk about tomorrow.

My phone is currently being bombarded with mp3's as Mr. Wookie is playing DJ Jazzy Caveman for tomorrow.  Oh, what's tomorrow?

Oh, just a little relay.  That's right.  Running Buddy and I were wanting to test the waters before our half marathon in June, plus the relay was cheaper than the full 13.1 (it was still the most expensive one this year).  So that's where we'll be tomorrow.  Wish us luck.

Mr. Wookie had the day off (although he gets to work the whole weekend) so he accompanied me up to the expo so I could pick up my packet.  And he's glad he did.  It's gorgeous up here.  I promise, I have pictures...but they're on my phone and his you'll have to wait for those until tomorrow.  And thanks to a certain Santa Ynez local for her brilliance and insight into landing us a great place for lunch.

So the details on this relay is that I'll be starting in Santa Ynez and running 5.5 miles uphill to the transition point in Los Olivos(?) before Running Buddy finishes the course with 7.6 miles downhill.  AND we decided to drive the course just so I'd know what I was expecting.  I semi-regret this.  Do you really want to drive up the hills you're going to have to conquer?

This place was beautiful.  Not my picture, der.

Yes, I'm heading to bed.  Yes, I'll have my camera.  Thank you for the luck!


  1. Santa Barbara is beautiful! Good luck and take care and tell us how it went!

  2. Good luck and don't eat the grapes off the vine while running, they need those to turn into the wine you'll be drinking!