Sunday, May 22

I LOVE California (but still not their sales tax)

Yesterday was epic. Ep-ic. Amaze-balls. I can't remember the last time I had that much fun.

First there was the 11.5 miles run that we had to get out of our way before the afternoon begun. Yes, I did say 12 miles yesterday. But because of the plane crash, parts of base weren't accessible so our "loop" around the base parameter ceased to exist. So instead we weaved around until we couldn't weave so more. Plus my legs were DONE. Last Half I trained to 10. This time I beasted out a bit more. So ya...I'm a "half ass." Suck it.

Our squadron here is pretty divided. The "JOPA" is strong here. JOPA = Junior Officer Protection Agency. Some call it an urban legend. It's real here. The O-3s and below don't really associate with the O-4s and above when it comes to after-work camaraderie. Well...the beloved "Knives Group" (they really do think that name is hilarious) threw an all-squadron barbecue to get the JOPA to mingle as a collective whole.

It was AMAZING. The theme was 'redneck' so I saw more chest hair, cut-off denim, cigarette packs, and trailer trash style than I've ever seen. The ladies went all out. Plus the food was TO DIE FOR. The true Southern ladies and husbands created an all-out feast of a shrimp boil. I may have a different tune for the South after all. Minus the humidity. Can't forget that.

You had the single guys playing with all the kids on the trampoline. Mr. Wookie was beat and bruised like a broken horse because the kids loved that he's a big guy and would tolerate their antics. Running Buddy's kids especially treated him extra 'horse-like'. I know other squadrons are very tight-knit, so I just assumed Mr. Wookie's squadron mates were a bit different. But now I've seen the light at the end of the all-squadron function tunnel and I LOVE it. I can't wait for our next one. 

And today, in our post-recovery of run and redneck, Running Buddy and I ventured to the NEX and Commissary (thanks sponsor!). Oh my goodness...Mr. Wookie has never been a fan of shopping on bases because it's usually streaming with a billion kids, long lines, not-that-good-of-deals, and run by the Filipino mafia. I think my tune has changed for the Commissary thanks to this morning. I picked up bacon, real maple syrup, and face wash for half the price at Vons. We literally have a 30-yard walk to Vons, so there's never driving for our bi-monthly grocery run - it's leg power and polypropylene bags.

Umm...ya, Mr. Wookie didn't like hearing that news today that I was wanting to venture the 2.5 miles to the Seabee base (it's closer to us than Mr. Wookie's base) for our next shopping endeavor. Plus they have Kona coffee for $5 ass-kicking dollars. I'm pretty sure Mr. Wookie can protect freedom on cheaply priced coffee.

For the longest time, we've been so unattached to the military. We don't wear Navy swag (that probably will never change - and I can't stand to see the shlumpy-looking wives in their husband's PT sweats running errands. Get your ass dressed!). We've never really associated with the squadron networks in our area, whether Florida, Virginia, or here until now. But I guess it's time - and I'm glad I love these people. Next year should be fun as the boys (and a few ladies) spend their time on a floating city protecting freedom as we stick together on land.

August 26th - now: How long it's taken to LOVE being here. Glad my tune has changed.


  1. That sounds like a blast. I love it when JOPA and the JOPA Sweethearts' Auxiliary (I just made that up; disgusting, isn't it?) get together. The one thing about CODs and the whole detachment set-up is that we never, ever have a chance to get together as a squadron because at least one det is always gone. We bond within a det, but that's all of six pilots (who aren't all JOs)-- not exactly a recipe for large-scale JOPA shenanigans.

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you feel like you've found your nitch in CA. It's great once you look around and realize the relocation no longer feels like a relocation but home. Hurrah!