Saturday, May 7

Santa Ynez Half relay

Guess who slept like crap last night?  And guess who woke up at 1:30am and stared at the ceiling?  But it was all worth it as I'm laying here, having eaten half my fridge, popped two victory beers, and napped with Miss Sweet Pea.

Unfortunately the clouds never broke and it remained cold the whole day.  Minus the 4.5 miles of running where I built enough heat to ditch the raspberry shirt that was in my Goodwill pile and thusly made it's way to the side of the road when I stripped around Mile 1.5.  I felt comfortable, not too hot, not too cold.

This race was our most expensive at $70 (which was discounted as a relay member).  The race was capped at 3,000 runners, so that meant no corrals, pace groups, or staggered starts.  And we trusted the shuttle system to move us from Staging to Start.  Thank goodness no hitches this morning!

I was excited.  I wanted to see how well training for the June half marathon has paid out, especially since where we live there are zero hills.  You want hills?  They're called Dreadmills.  What I run?  12-feet-above-sea-level-beautiful-Southern-California weather.

How are gas prices where you live?

Without corrals, it was a Charlie Foxtrot walking, weaving, and trying to find my happy pace.  Next time, corrals, people!  Dodging casual walkers...not my idea of a great start.

My first mile was slow thanks to the weaving of race traffic, but after a mile it started to thin out.  Then I started my game plan.  Start out at 'long run' pace, and keep chipping :20 seconds off my pace each mile.  My goal for the Ventura half is to sub-2:30 - I didn't hit it at the Yuengling Half (I missed it by 3 minutes!), so let's try it again!

My overall pace was an 11:18/mile.  Not bad.  I wasn't exactly 'racing' for a 10k finish time.  That, and hello...elevation gain!  I was testing the waters for June's race.  My issue: I'm not fast.  I don't train fast, and I need to.  I need to kill myself on training runs, which is something I'm working on.  I just worry about burning out too quickly (guilty of that in last year's race).  But it was fun today.

And not to be particular, but thanks to the ol' leg was 5.84, not 5.5 miles.  Chumps.

So we tagged off Running Buddy and she did remarkable despite fighting a chest cold and not running for 2 weeks.  Our unofficial time was 2:30, but that doesn't take into consideration the fact we started out in the back of the pack and weren't on 'gun time.'  I'm excited to see that final time though!  And naturally the IT department has the site down until tomorrow when results should be posted.  Eeeek....

Post-leg we hopped the bus back to the finish line...where we froze.  We were sweaty and losing heat, and I hate "smuggling raisins."  Enter my "bag lady" tendencies.  I packed each type of clothing for just the weather choices.  So in the parking lot of the race at the car, I dropped trow and changed sweaty clothes.  Modest?  Nope.  Minus being pale, I'm content with my body.  Hello?  I run.  It helps fight the age-based ass droop!

Running Buddy finished strong with a great kick...along with her great cough!  And no judging!  I'm not wearing makeup...3:30am was a rough wake-up time!

The successful teams!

Now tell me!  Don't I look warm?  Would you believe me if I told you I was still cold despite the layers?!  I wished the clouds would have broke.  But alas...I don't control the weather.

So we were done, we trekked the 80 miles back home where I showered...then...passed out on the bed, still in my robe, my hair still in a turbin, and Sweet Pea curled up next to me.  I didn't think I was that tired.  Apparently I was wrong!

Would I run this again? was 80 miles away.  And it cost us $70 just for the relay.  AND the team did nickel and dime you for every little thing.  Want to pick up your packet race-day morning? And extra $20.  I trekked up to the expo like a good running citizen.  Want to poop in a Honey Bucket?  Okay, that one was me. ;)

Most likely I'll write this one off as a great experience, but the wallet doesn't like it so much.  I prefer to stay around my neighborhood for races.  It allows me to sleep more, for starters.  Thankfully the rest of our schedule only cost $60-65 a race, and are within 10 miles.  This is good.

However, we're not counting out the Santa Ynez wine country.  The Wookies will be back. Trust our livers on that notion.  I promise.


  1. That is an expensive race! A beautiful race, but an expensive one. Congratulations!

  2. Sounds like the weather was perfect! I'll take that over the heat any day.

    So, I've been taking the train to avoid the ridiculous gas prices, but I think we are somewhere around $4.20. I sweat I thought I saw $4.09 yesterday, but maybe that was a dream. Because that seems awfully cheap.

    Yuengling runs a half!? Do you get some complimentary brews at the finish? Where is that race?

    Good job yesterday - you are so going to break 2:30!

  3. Hmm, does the group shot background remind you of 2007? Please say yes. Beautiful!!

  4. I wish I lived out there with you. Because I'd like to enjoy some cheap races. Your "expensive" race is my "cheap" race. Biatch.

  5. congrats! I hate having to wake up so early for a race, I always feel like I am running late before I even start running....crazy mind games! Good luck beating 2:30!