Monday, May 16

who wants to be a Bridesmaid?

Thanks to today being days off for both Mr. Wookie and I, we treated ourselves to a date night last night.

This beauty was our choice. Mr. Wookie thought it couldn't be too "chick flick-y" and thankfully it wasn't. It was a riot. I do apologize to those in the audience who had to listen to my cackling. I'm sorry. I thought it to be exceptionally funny in parts. Crude pooping humor is a massive guilty pleasure of mine. But it reaffirmed that I never want to be in a bridal party...really...ever. I have been in 2 weddings in my life. BOTH ended in divorce. This pretty much guarantees I'll never be asked to a bridesmaid...which is a secret piece of happiness for me.

Mrs. Wookie's needs for a great time at a wedding:

a.) I will only go with Mr. Wookie. I attended a wedding sans Mr. Wookie (he was in flight school and couldn't get away), for some friends from college, and it was torturous being alone. I will never do it again.

b.) Please serve alcohol. You want people to dance? They need some sauce in their system. However, just be sure to have toasts (if you have any) before the sauce gets thick in their system.

c.) Please serve delicious food. I don't care if you choose heavy appetizers because they're cheaper, or a full-service meal. Make it tasty! You're essentially hosting a dinner party if you're choosing to have a food-based reception. Don't suck at it and leave me with crackers.

That's pretty much it. Not too high of demands. I mean, I could go into detail about how I love wedding websites, coordinators, and non-strapless dresses...but they're not as important.


  1. I heartily agree with your points, and would add this one: if you are serving anything other than finger food, have enough tables and chairs for everyone at the reception site. The otherwise lovely wedding of some good friends was seriously soured by the fact that many of us didn't have a place to sit and nosh. I believe their thinking was that they could get away with a smaller location because people would "circulate," but that just isn't going to happen when all the old folks stake out their territory and refuse to move.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I was doing the "gasp laugh" where you're laughing so hard you've lost your breath.
    "It's happening - It's happening - it's happening - it happened."
    I died. And thought of you...

  3. I CANNOT WAIT to see this movie!!!

  4. Amen. I went to a wedding this past weekend - my first while my husband has been away. I don't know what the heck I was thinking, but it SUCKED being there without him. And now I have three more to drag myself to while he's away. Save me!

  5. That movie rocked. I could hardly breathe through the funny parts.
    And yea, I hung up my bridesmaid heels long ago.

  6. The Camera Man Sneak Attack wasn't amusing?