Friday, May 13

hitting publish without a proper title

Thanks to Blogger being a butt-puppet so I didn't get my Milspouse up until after my 9 miles this morning. Due to some friendly guests tonight, I felt the need to shift my long run from tomorrow morning to this morning.  Because nothing says "Bad Host" like...'Okay guys, cereals in the cupboard, see you when I get back!' let's get back to the 40th Friday Fill-In thanks to Wife of a Sailor!  Because without her, I'd just tell you how attractive it is when Sweet Pea licks my legs post-run, and how it tickles when she gets to the back of my knees.  But that's not appetizing.

1.)    Which was the best day of your life – Wedding day or Homecoming day?

How ‘bout neither, since those 2 days aren’t a familiar presence ‘round Team Wookie. I can’t really say I’ve had a “best day” yet.  There are some pretty awesome ones for sure. But I think it’s a shame to sell out “best day” so early in life. Maybe when I win the lottery…or secure that trust fund from an overseas account and the Navy has to discharge Mr. Wookie for lack-of-interest-in-working-for-the-Man pay.

2.)    Were you a part of the joining the military question or did you sign up for the relationship when your man was already in the military?

Ummm…again…neither.  Mr. Wookie was a NROTC guy at Oregon State, so it’s kinda like being signed up for the military…and kinda not. Either way, he succeeded at getting a scholarship for his Junior and Senior years, then commissioning in June of 2007. Then I knew it was one like Donkey Kong.  But I’m awesome, so I welcomed the fun. Silly girl.

3.)    What is your favorite Disney move and why?

When I think Disney, I think cartoons.  When I think of his cartoons, I think of some weak-ass female needing to be rescued…it’s crap (i.e. princesses).

Plus, I kinda think he’s a pedophile.  He made theme parks just for kids.  It’s a slight step off of Michael Jackson.  Like what MJ would have looked like during the fake this-family-is-dressed-up-in-pretty-bow 1950’s.

I also can’t stand people who wear Disney, you know…the grandma with the giant Pooh on her sweatshirt back that she bought at Walmart.  I don’t know where the hate for the man came from, but it skeezes me out to see adults in ANYTHING Disney.  Unless you’re at the actual theme park…but then I still give the stink eye.

[Apparently I took a lot of Haterade this morning.  But Disney does set me off.]

If I had to choose one, it’d be Little Mermaid.  Only because she’s a redhead.

4.)    What is your family activity to do on the weekends?

Umm…sleep in, make breakfast, stay home (we don’t go out on the weekends, the stores are too crowded, the traffic is too much, and my eyes get tired from eye-rollin’ my way past people who lack common sense, showers, and the ability to speak English).

We’ll watch movies, maybe lay out in the sun,, and have an adult beverage.

And Sundays are laundry days. Snore.

5.)    Where do you secretly wish you could be stationed with you/your SO’s line of work (realistically speaking, not everyone can be stationed on NAS Fiji)?

I would die for Washington StateDie like Rachel Zoe.  Oregon has long not had a military presence, so if only Washington would accept an inaugural squadron.  Flights to my family would be under the 2-hour mark.  Beaver games would be a weekly tradition.  And the prospect of family visiting would be much higher than say…California or Virginia.

Apparently writing answering these fabulous 5 questions before coffee reveals my bitchy tendencies.  Oh well, you knew that, right?  I mean...I'm a redhead and all.


  1. I'm all about staying in on the weekends, just relaxing!

    Stopping by from MilSpouse Fill-In.

  2. Visiting from milspouse fill-in. I'm new here so I don't know if the attitude is normal or not but you really cracked me up. Maybe you should always write before coffee! :)