Friday, May 20

milspouse friday fill-in: Forty-One(o!)

Eeeekkk...I don't know why I'm excited...but I am! Maybe because there's 12 miles on the schedule for tomorrow (gag) and I'm kinda looking forward to it! The race is creeping its way up! Anyways...let's not waste your time with my silly psycho-babble...let's get on with the show!

1.) What is one of the things you always do special when your husband awesome long-time Wookie returns from a deployment training exercise?

His laundry? Make him a steak dinner? Pour him a hefty adult beverage? Yes.

Thanks to flight school, we've yet to encounter a deployment. While all the Surface Warfare Officers (aka SWOs or "SWO-arriors" like warriors) graduate from college and get kicked off to Deployment Land, the air community likes to coddle you like a newborn baby in the confines of flight school until the very last possible moment you can have before facing deployment. I love it.

2.) What do you do to help your spouse and/or yourself re-adjust after a deployment or long separation?

Now I'm scratching my head! We haven't been "long distant" since early 2009, so that's a ways back to think. And we were long distant for so long that we never had anything different. So far "long separations" are weeks or a couple months at a time, so we're lucky.

But to answer the question, I take off the flannel sheets and put on real ones.  Otherwise the Incredible Wookie will turn green, rip his clothing until it's fixed.

3.) Are you a crazy coupon clipper?

No. N-o. Nope. Nada. Never.

I love me some Extreme Couponing.  Love it.  But them people be crazy with all their "stock piles" of supplies...what are you waiting for, the zombie apocalypse??

Our shopping habits have changed drastically since we've moved to California and started receiving a weekly Produce Delivery service (like a CSA, but better!) - we rarely go to the store anymore.  What used to be a weekly adventure for us has now reduced to a couple times a month for when we need our pantry staples re-supplied.

I am guilty of using coupons for stuff that we regularly purchase: soy milk, cheese, meats, pasta, bacon (that's separate than meat and is highly exalted in our house), protein bars, eggs, coffee, baking ingredients, etc.

We pass on coupons for things like box meals, juice, cookies, chips, soda, candy bars, billions of deodorants, etc.  It's just stuff we don't eat or buy, so we're okay to let those go in the recycling container.

I think you either love the show or hate it.  I agree with those that donate their plunders.  I think it's great work for your natural talent; I know the less fortunate and the military care packages are a great deed to many.  Then there are those that buy candy bars (because they have a coupon) while pumping their insulin...they befuddle me.

4.) What's your most treasured memory of you and your spouse Wookie?

There was a time...when I had the living daylights scared out of me.  It was amazing! See, Mr. Wookie lives to scare the shit outta me whenever possible.  It's a great laugh between us because he's had some DOOZIES.

Anyways...back during Senior year of college, I'm on the phone with Mama Ging...walking upstairs in Mr. Wookie's townhome...when he jumps from behind the wall, BOOOOO! and sends me screaming, tumbling down the stairs.  It was a GREAT scare.  I'm crying my eyes out while laughing after literally falling down the stairs.  It was his best work ever.  And we high-five because it was that good.

I was still on the phone with Mama Ging.  She thought I got stabbed I screamed so loud.  She was about to call 911.  Silly Mama Ging...doesn't she know we're retarded like that...?  Some guys write love notes...Mr. Wookie tries to end my life...

5.) If you could live anywhere overseas, what would you pick and why?

I'm assuming this answer is non-military related...since it never specified...

One word: SCOT-LAND.

I effin' loved it there. a.) SO MANY REDHEADS! b.) THE BEER! c.) THE EFFIN' WEATHER! d.) IT'S SCOTLAND!  Dear Navy, we'd love an E-2 base there.  Pretty, pretty please...!


  1. Bahaha, OMG I almost peed my pants with your answer to #4. It's great to have humor in a relationship. And as for number 5? Well, I think I love you. :) I think the military needs to build a joint base there because I would never ever leave. Like ever.

  2. Loved #4! Poor Mama Ging! :-)

  3. oh goodness. Lol. If the hubs did that to me I think I would sic the dog on him. I accidentally scared him a few times when he got back from OTS when I closed doors too loudly, and he would bolt straight out of his nap and snap to attention! That was pretty funny too lol.
    By the way, this is AM from A Creed and A Psalm. Thanks for posting on my blog!! Follow me back?

  4. I am really, REALLY glad you commented on my Milspouse fill in and I in turn clicked on your blog because I am ROARING right now. You are hysterical! I look forward to reading more posts.

    And yeah, redheads are pretty frickin' awesome.

  5. I LOLed a very knowing LOL to your first answer there. What with one thing and another, Sampson wound up with over five years between commissioning and his first deployment, which is insane even by aviation standards. It was plenty weird going to his five-year reunion and talking with all the SWOs who were already at their decision point for staying in or getting out.