Friday, May 13

not even close to Dean Karnazes

For my Brother who's asking, "Who?"  That guy who just ran across country to raise awareness for childhood obesity...and to probably sell some books along the way.  He's amazeballs.   Although...he could use a burger or 2.  Anyways...

Because we ran the wicked awesome relay, there was only one paparazzi on Mrs. Wookie...which thankfully was on the solo downhill portion of our leg so I picked up mad speed before finishing 3/4 of a mile later with a high five and a "Don't die!" to Running Buddy.  Yes, my mouth is gapping open.  Maybe I was hoping he was smuggling mini Stoli bottles to runners.  And then someone else had lemons and tonic at the transition point.  Either I am in all my sweaty glory.

Some shout-outs to my people...

Mom, thanks for the sneakers.  They now have 101 miles on them (yay!), so in a few hundred more they'll be reduced to dog-walking sneakers.  Nice work...all that money for some sweat and then dog turds.  Thank you though!

SPIbelt, you rock for hookin' up this lady with the waterproof belt with military discount at the expo.  It was my favorite purchase yet.  It held my camera and my phone, which was great when it came to entertaining me with Salt 'n Pepa's "Push It."

Tangent over.

We're less than a month until the O2O Half Marathon...which I'm a little peeved about today.  Groupon decided to have registration at half!  Not WEEKS ago when we registered!  What the heck?  But on the bright side, I've been training for this race.  I hope any asshole that buys the half-priced entry fee pulls a quad.  I'm not bitter...

This morning I ROCKED 9 miles out without a flinch.  Okay, there was flinching.  But it was because I was still effin' tired from only getting 7 hours of sleep (I'm a delicate sleep-needer).  So instead of hitting the snooze, I got my ass outta bed.  Mr. Wookie went to PRT (physical readiness test) the squadron (yup, that's one of his jobs), while I ran to the beach.  The beach that's not a mile from our house.  The beach that's 4.5 miles from our house.  Thank goodness beach views are worth it.

Then I came home and crashed on the couch...still in my robe...and my hair in a turbin (it's becoming a trend).  There's something about getting clean and warm in the shower...and then going narcoleptic.

Oh, I did get my first blister of the season.  An itty bitty one on my pinky toe.  So I took nail clippers and drained that mama-jama.

Some days I love me some running.  The boobs stay where they should.  The stride stays in check.  And the music inspires me to race day.  Then other days (even when I'm not hungover) where I don't feel like strapping down my nuclear warhead-esque boobs, where I flail more than newborn emu.

Now it's about time I tend to my house.  I have guests coming tonight.  Or, I guess I should say...we have guests coming tonight.  Who?  Oh, just Middle Sister and Fiance!  They're making the drive over from the Valley (do I sound Californian yet?!?)!


  1. Damn that Groupon! I am even tempted and I am running Fontana the day before which will destroy my quads (and I also live nearly 3 hours away). But $32! Cheap! But far drive. Very far. 6am too early. Ok, I have talked myself out of it.

  2. Asswads.
    I want to read Dean's book. If one of us gets it - we must share....
    I'll be sending Kara's book here soon. Along with Abe Lincoln vamp hunter. (B-rox's reading abilities now have him believing the 16th prez was a vampire hunter...)

  3. You KNOW "Push It" is on my workout mix too! LOVE the picture, so very you! ;)