Tuesday, September 2

Another one bites the dust...

This weekend marked the ceremonial removal of the attractive Mr. Worth III from the market. He's all Marilyn's now.

Now unfortunately I didn't know a soul at the event, minus the bride and groom. But I still put on a brave face, drank a martini of liquid courage, and had a grand time at the reception (that is, until they cut the cake at like 9pm, which I gracefully thanked the bride for the invite and bowed out. I still had to drive back to Corvallis.) And while I didn't feel like editing any pictures, 'cuz I felt too lazy. I still will post what was a gorgeous and fun event. Too bad I didn't have a date.

I arrived a lil early, so I was able to putz around the Cathedral and take pictures. Driving from Corvallis to Portland always worries me because traffic is never normal. We could be mobbin' along or puttin' along. So I gave myself plenty of warning. But back to the picture: normally I don't like the big sprays of flowers 'cuz most look 1980's-ish, but these were fabulous. And I don't believe they used a wedding planner, which makes them even better.

The one decent picture of Marilyn coming down the aisle. She looked beautiful. Her dad started to lose it when he went to give it away. Even stone-cold Ashley couldn't help but slightly tear up. But then I got hushed for taking pictures because "it's a sacrament." Oh, I see lady. I have to be paid by the bride and groom to be able to take pictures in a church. Riiiiiight.

And like any Marine wedding, the arch which was a perfect ending to such a formal wedding.

The reception was held at the Multnomah Athletic Club, which was faaabulous. The bar was hosted until 8pm. There were only 120 guests or so, Zach and Marilyn were able to peruse each table and greet everyone. It was practically perfect. Minus I didn't have a date. (I'm just a lil bummed about that). The DJ was on the money with the choice in songs as he played exactly what I wanted to hear for a wedding: "I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches, build you a fire when the furnace breaks..."

The truth about the military became apparent as they were scheduled to start driving Monday and have to be in Florida by Friday. So ya, no honeymoon (which isn't that half the point of getting married? Honeymoon and gifts?!). So hopefully they arrive in time to check in. Marilyn already loves Florida so that's great since she'll be there until Zach gets moved next.

So overall, a beautiful wedding. The only thing that could have been better was a wookie to sit next to and dance with. I guess I'll have to wait until someone else gets married to try that again. Any takers?


Because Sarah is demanding...

This is the best shot I got of the duo in all their fabulosity. Definitely a sharp lookin' couple.

And I was thinking about the reception when I was at work, toiling the idea of whether or not to update this post with a pick of the pair (which I did, obviously), and I forgot to mention the amazing toasts that Marilyn's dad had of the pair. I think the whole room was moved. He did such a great job. "Best toast ever" award.


  1. ps. I'm so glad he didn't get married to that dumbass blonde twig.

  2. ya, agreed.

    as tracy would say about the ex-girlfriend, "she's a sluuuuut."