Sunday, November 9


So every now and then I have the tendency of falling off the earth. Not really, although that would be cool. But I have these phases where my phone will die and I don't really have the urge to quickly bring it back to life. I justify it by thinking that, whoever wants to talk to me can ride out my moment of solitude because it's not like I live near very many people who might be affected in a life or death instance.

It's kinda nice to just be able to focus in on what I have going on around, what goals I'm getting closer on, etc. Besides, these days help a few days to pass in the ever-testing time of military separation. I'm still not a huge fan of uber months apart, so these trances every couple weeks or so is just what the doctor ordered. Hey, beats alcohol. :)

On this note, my latest goals have included priming the walls of the downstairs bedroom. It used to be Pepto Bismal pink. Unfortunately I'm not kidding. Hayley had the brightest room known to man. Well, minus neon green. After two heavy coats of primer, I was able to disguise its former life. And now I've determined the new color of room. "Hopsack." The door frames, molding, and ceiling has a fresh coat of white so what's left is shlopping on the new color. That, my friends, is where 'night ops' comes to play. My mother is very shy in the color palette and so the only way to get her to deal with it is if I paint the whole room once she's gone to bed. Muhahahah! Indeed.

Our focus this week will be adding the closet organizer. For anyone who knows what Oak Park had in their closet, it's divine...and spoiling. Now I can't live without it. Well I can live, but it's messy. And since my dad will be out of town again this week, it's the only thing to focus on since I can't move my bed outta storage without dad's big arms and his truck. So ya, it's a waiting game unfortunately.

But I have been in a much better mood knowing that progress has been made. My mom is much more receptive to the prod stick if she knows I'll proceed with plans whether she's onboard or not. I wanted this crap done since my birthday. But hopefully things will really be done by Thanksgiving. It better. Once the paint is on and the carpet is cleaned, it's really on me. I'm so close. I can't taste it yet. But I can see it. Moving forward. Mush, mush.

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