Tuesday, September 30

Make a girl cry...

So I just got off the phone with Katie, who seemed giddy in having to tell me something. Honestly, I thought she was going to say she and Collin were engaged. Wook quickly batted down that theory with, "Collin would have consulted me first."

Wait, seriously? Dudes talk about that stuff?

Well apparently they do, which is why wook knew that wasn't the topic.

As people know, or at least they will now, my birthday is next Monday. My 25th birthday. The quarter life crisis mark. Can you tell I'm thrilled? I've hated every birthday since 19. Cried each time. I just hate getting older. I hate change. I like consistency, which birthdays just aren't. It's another year older, another year of mile stones which seem to be farther off than I dreamed at 18. Oh well, I guess that's why there's wine and chocolate. :)

Anyways, back to the giddy news...and to cut to the point...Collin and Katie were looking at helping wook and I out with the ticket to see each other in November. I didn't know what to say. Wook thought it was pretty cool also. I held myself together, and am still partially in shock...but how cool.

Even after I told them that the trip is being pushed back to December, they still were okay with it. I could just cry thinking about how nice that is. Very, very sweet. These past couple days haven't been the easiest on Ashley...partially cuz I'm moody, because wook is super cute and really making me miss him, and now we'll have just a lil boost in getting across the country in this super fabulous economy.

And I know what some people are thinking, and yes flying in December around the holidays is expensive. All I have to say to that is that I will have not seen the boy for almost 8 months. I think that deserves a slightly overpriced ticket to Timbuktu.

So to Collin and Katie, you really know how to make this lesbian feel loved. :) Thanks.

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