Saturday, November 22

Wookie Update...

So yesterday, I had the honor of seeing the unorganized layout that makes up military orders. Omg, about some proper sentence and paragraph structure? No? Okay, you're the government, you win. This time.

Anyways, with that being said...I have an update on wook's next 3 months.

I'll start with me. :) So I now have tickets in hand. I'm heading out of Medford, December 19th, at 6am. Bright and early. Sleep deprivation will cause me to nap most of the flights across the country. Medford to Denver, 45 minute layover, Denver to Chicago, 2 hour layover (bound to happen some time), Chicago to Nashville (yay!). I should get in around 6pm, with that handsome wookie picking me up from the airport. (Double yay!).

Now onto wook and his official orders.

  • 12 January 2009: Wook reports to VA, Norfolk
  • 17-18 January 2009: Wook reports to Maine, Brunswick (for SERE School)
  • 1 February 2009: Wook reports back to VA, Norfolk
  • 18 February 2009: Wook classes up with VAW-120

And ya know, if I don't have this all down correctly...whatever, lol. I'm a civilian, and I get a mulligan.

Wook is super excited he gets a month and a half off of actual responsibility over the holidays. He may have watch, but he's not at all concerned about being assigned that. It'll actually give him something to do.

Wook will be taking house hunting leave probably after the first of the year. Don't quote me on that one though. I do know he wants to actually walk thru apartments before deciding on one. To those locals, *wink wink* who know their way around...he could probably use a good beer at that time. Seeing as he'll be moving without Joe and Andy, I'm sure he'll want to know the good places to eat. Besides Waffle House. :) There was almost a break-up between us if there wasn't a WH in Norfolk. MMMMmm...pecan waffle with warm syrup and a side of bacon. That's life.

Now here's a question: Is there any "good beer" (read: comparable to the fabulosity of the Microbrewery Heaven of Oregon) in Virginia? Sam Adams does not count. Sparkling water is for Europe, lol.

On another note: I am not looking forward to the week that wook will be in the field at SERE. Poor wookie. I mean, I know it's something he has to do. But a week of zero "you're cute" texts? What is the Navy trying to do to me? Okay, okay, teach him to save his ass. That's definitely a top priority because he's got a cute lil butt. Sorry for the possible visual. I happen to think it's adorable. But that's given, right?

And with the moving to Virginia comes reuniting with former Oregonians. :) Yay!

When's my next vacay scheduled?


  1. No, there are no good beers here. If you look hard enough you can occasionaly find Rogue. Sometimes. And you have to come visit me. Or I'll kill you. And bring that bear of yours.

  2. Yeah, there's not really much in the way of good beer out this way. That's why Adam almost peed himself when he found out we were going back to Oregon. BTW, we're in Virginia Beach. If you Google map "Mount Trashmore park", you'll be close enough to us for government work (tee hee). And, if Wook doesn't contact me when he gets in the area, I will cry. Because I don't have any friends, and a familiar face would be nice.