Friday, November 14

Getting closer...

So during lunch, I was able to talk to that adorable wookie of mine. And with much anticipation and stress, he's successfully completed this phase of flight school.

Woohoo, API...check! IFS...check! Primary...check! Intermediate...check! Advanced...last to go!

So as I was talking to him, he was getting a Sonic salad to go before making it home to veg out for the rest of the day. I told him he needs to have a drink. At least one. His response was, "I may not be sober tonight." Hey, I don't blame you. In fact, you're cute when you're drunk. Sometimes the texts aren't spelled out perfectly, but I can manage. It's like a game show.

Come Monday, we should hear jets or E-2s. And wook said it's pretty much 50/50. Knowing I have nothing to do with the outcome, I try to sit back and wait. But honestly, I'm dying for Monday to roll around. And that's a first. Sitting through driving up to Corvallis tonight, watching the Beavs play tomorrow, and driving home on Sunday will be done in a subconscious tension. It's nerve wracking not knowing where that boy may go next. The good news: At least he'll be getting outta Florida at the end of flight school. Gracias a mi Dios.

Nothing again the Alabamian panhandle of Florida, but I'm over the "I'm gunna marry my cousin and share teeth with him" culture. Ick. Sorry, but I'm totally flaunting my Northwestern uppity-ness. There's this thing called toothpaste, and dating outside your gene pool, and...I really shouldn't go into it. Not my favorite place to live. Nice to visit. Kinda like prison.

And unfortunately it's narrowing in on the end of my lunch break. Then I'll go back to work and discuss more about The Office and who I'd want on my star mug (fyi, Andy's kills me. That's my vote.). I hope everyone has a good weekend. I know Monday can't roll around soon enough. Or maybe I shouldn't be wanting Monday to roll around. Ignorance is bliss. Screw that. I want to know. What's the number of the CO? :)

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  1. I gave him a facebook high five. Now i'm giving you a blogger hug of support. Waiting is lame.