Monday, November 24

Me vs. My Mother's Heart...

So last week, after I had nervously chosen which flights will choose my destiny of going cross country...I knew I had to break the news to my mother.

A: "So mom, I'm thinking "blah blah blah" for Hayley's present, but I won't be here for it.

M: "Well when is it?"

A: "The 19th."

M: "Well, where will you be?"

A: "With wook."

M: "Okay, well when do you leave?"

A: "The 19th."

M: "When are you coming back?"

A: "The 30th."

M: "You're going to miss Christmas?!? Who's idea was that??"

A: "Wook and I's."

M: "Since when?"

A: "Definitely last night."

M: "Oh.....(long pause)...I thought I had one more year before I had to deal with this."

What does a girl say? Well, nothing. I'm stoked about seeing wook. And like any little sister, Hayley asks, "So do I not have to get you anything?" Well, I guess not if you don't want anything in return, lol.

Now I know that not having all the kids home for Christmas is strange, a change, not something a parent looks forward to. But it's bound to happen eventually. Besides, who else would you expect to be the first to push the envelope? I hope not the person who married a girl from a suburb of Medford. I mean seriously.

Christmas with wook countdown: 24 days :) (No, not excited, not at all!)

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  1. Your poor mommy... You're getting to be such a grown up - shacking up with your boyfriend over xmas and all....!