Wednesday, November 26

Another milestone...

So today marks 7 months exactly since I left wook in April. It was late morning, I was terribly snotty and sobby, overall not pleased with the situation. I can't say I didn't enjoy my 3 weeks of escaping the real world on the west coast. I just happen to equal airports to dentist's offices now. I go there to hear scary sounds ("So when will we see each other again?"), ask lots of questions ("How does 3 months out sound? Can we do 4 months?"), and prepare for torture (I've come to find out that people usually don't harass you through security when you're obviously upset, a lil red in the face, still slightly crying. It's kinda nice to get moved through like cattle; if there had to be an upside).

Looking on the upside, Hayley will be down this evening from Portland with one of our cousins in tow. Thursday is obviously "gorge yourself on food and watch football all day." I hope I can squeeze in some more of aerobic activity that day. I need to get working out again like every day. The day I see wook is getting closer and I need to bring my 'A game.' So we'll see...

Oh ya, and this weekend marks Civil War. I'm incredibly nervous. I get nervous about all the big games even though I don't exactly suit up with the boys. It should be a great game. Reser will be rockin' (which is fun when you get the upper deck shaking. Insane. I love it!). You'll have to look for me. I'll be in orange. :)

And woohoo, last day working for this week. I love privately owned offices.

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