Monday, November 17

Bon voyage...

...okay, so maybe not quite yet...but eventually...wook will be moving to...

Virginia! Woohoo!

He found out his future status this morning. It was between he and another boy in the battle between the one jet spot and the one E-2 spot. Luckily, the other guy had slightly better grades and actually wanted the jet spot. Wook wanted the E-2 spot, which worked out perfectly. Yay. I love happy endings.

I, however, about passed out at the news. I couldn't think straight. Someone put my brain in the blender and hit PULSE! Not functioning. Not productive. Not very good. But I am very happy for the boy. He got what he wanted. He gets to get the heck outta Florida. Can't blame him on that one. He'll be able to move out and live on his own, which is what he wanted. And he gets to learn a new city, which is a bonus. And there's Andy. Yay.

And for me when I visit, there's Sarah, and Mark, and Braxton, and KQ, and Meghan, etc. :)


  1. Do you know when he'll be moving? Hopefully it's before we pack our bags and move back to Corvallis.

  2. We think he'll be making the move in late January. He's supposed to class-up in February.

    He'll be taking house hunting leave before then though. Just wish I could tag along.

  3. Wait! Sarah is ME!!!! Oh, I'm so excited!