Monday, November 17


So this past weekend, the unthinkable occured. The boys' beloved frat blew up. That's right. Bleeeew up.

At first, I wasn't really phased. Oh, that's cool. It's about time that thing had a cardiac arrest, lol.

But then it really hit me. All the boys' hard work updating, recruiting, etc. All down the drain.

So for your enjoyment/intriguement, I've found the following news reports regarding the kaboom. Feel free to read them all, lol.

NorthWest Cable News:

Gazette Times:

The Barometer:

KEZI News: I think has the video of Trac, my sister.

KPTV News:

Fire Geezer:

So there's the update. I'm really sad about the house. All wook's artwork gone. The work the boys put in this summer. Toast. (Haha, I guess that's funny since it was the kitchen). So I guess I'll try and be there for the rededication. Since there were so many memories there, glad they can rebuild and make more.

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