Sunday, November 9

Halloween was legen..dary...

So this Halloween wasn't it all it was cracked up to be. First off, my costume didn't come out as I envisioned. But then again, I don't have the sewing skills of Diane von Furstenburg. Secondly, Collin, aka Dwight from The Office, got shafted and had to work all weekend. And thirdly, the weather was turning grey/black as a storm was moving in from California.

Thankfully for my mother, she was able to throw my lil leafy skirt together in about 10 minutes.

So my idea was to be a "woodland nymph." A protector of the forest. Shocking. I do recycle and I believe in thinning projects, not clear cuts. But that's beside the point. Stacey was jailbait. No really, she was a convict. It was awesome. She even had real cuffs. We had to devise ourself a plan if someone were to cuff themselves to her. They'd have to buy our drinks the whole night. And even though no one did cuff themselves to her, we only had to pay for one round each. Pretty impressive young skywalker. $13 the whole night.

Outfit all put together, a lil emo shot with the baby sis who was home for Halloween. She thought Medford was more fun than Portland for Halloween. I guess when you're only 18, ya have a point.

"Excuse me officer, have I escaped? Uh oh, does that mean you have to cuff me again?" ;)

The leaf shoes in all their glory. Unfortunately my hair wasn't really participating like I wanted. Oh well. At least I had leggings to keep my butt warm. And they provided an extra layer of something to keep the wandering hands off the booty. Once. Okay, that's fine. I'll take a vodka tonic. Twice. Shudder. I think I need to shower.

We were busting up at this shot. And I'm sorry for my paleness, but not really. What do people expect with red hair? A Lebanese olive tone? Riiiight. And my mom is the photog. Enough said.

Jello shot #2, or maybe #3. We needed to drink ourselves some courage since we were braving Ashland alone and slightly undressed. We settled right in as we were pretty inshape compared to some other girls who were out and about. Must have been the running regime we started.

We decided to take portraits before the 'you've been drinking' eyes set in.

Oh, I loved my wings. However when it got really crowded I had to hold them together behind my back.

Stacey and "Outback Mark." He works at Outback Steakhouse and bounces the bar we were at. Yay, no cover charge. Cuz I don't pay cover charge. I think it's cheap and retarded. I'd rather go to the seedy bar with good pours that doesn't charge a door fee than hob-knob with the snobs.

I don't know why I wore my watch. Not like I could really tell what time it was anyways. ;)

This was our artsy picture for Ashland.

So the night was spent drinking a round and then taking a walk around the Plaza. It was blocked off to traffic to allow the costumed people to roam the streets. It was downright awesome. I bought Stac and I's first round. A shot each of vodka. She bought our next round. Captain and Coke for her, vodka tonic for me. Rounds 3, 4, 5, etc. were bought by individuals of the gentleman behavior. The first guys were really genuine and just wanting to have a good time. Then it went downhill.

These two 'Top Gun students' proceeded to grab our butts and try and sweet talk us into eventually going home with them, lol. The guy who partnered off with me decided to show me a picture of himself shirtless on his iPhone. "If you like this, you can have it tonight." hahahahahahahahahah. At least we got a few rounds out of them before they got the hint. Mean to use men? No, it wasn't our intentions to have our drinks bought for us. We are working ladies (in classrooms and offices, not corners, lol) and so we have our own money. But I can't say it didn't make the night legen...dary.

We mingled some more after the flight students got too drunk to hold a conversation with. Shocking moment of the night: I was using the lil girls room as a guy was barfing in the stall over. Don't know how he missed the big "LADIES" sign, but he did. Hilarious moment of the night: A girl completely eating it down the stairs to the bathroom. She was probably too drunk to feel the pain. I however was completely aware of her misstep (pun intended, oh yes) and snicked behind my clear drink. Oh, evil nymph.

And as sad as it was not to have Collin there, we held our own and had a great time. And although Ashland wasn't the Bourbon Street experience I heard it to be, it was a pretty damn good time. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

Okay so these next pictures showed the awesomeness of some of the attendees.

OMG, who didn't watch Doug growing up? Patty Mayonnaise? It's Quail Man!

This guy was awesome. All I could think about was The Village.

A bar isn't Halloween when there aren't Mormons.

This guy won our "best costume" award. A Rubix cube! The only thing was he couldn't fit thru the walkway very easily. Some older lady was like, "hey box, how about you move?" The whole bar was like, "He's a Rubix cube!" She didn't get it, lol.

And was it a night without a Meat Wagon? And other news-worthy stories. Captain Jack Sparrow got arrested. Some Trailer Trash girl puked in the bushes. And our driver (my dad) let us stop and get Taco Bell on the way home even though it was narrowing in on 2am. I chowed down on my Double Decker and called it a night. Woke up the next morning feeling awesome. Just the way Halloween should be.

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