Wednesday, November 19

Let the games begin...

So last night was a stressful, mean one. Wook hasn't been this cruel...well, ever. I don't know if I can ever forgive him.

He made me book the ticket last night on

You people know my inability to make my own decisions. I'm like Paula Abdul. I'm on my own path of decisions, no matter where everyone else is. Okay, maybe not that bad...I don't pop sleeping pills, "allegedly," lol. But anyways, it was an awful experience. My idea was to have wook coordinate my whole trip and I just cut him a check for halfsies. NOooooo. His brainchild was to let me squirm and figure out my airfare on my own. Ugh. So not fun. This, people, is why travel agents exist. For retarded Librans like myself. See, I stimulate the economy. Well, them and neuropsychologists, yoga instructors, and bartenders. :)

Anyways, my trauma has continued into the morning as I sent out my good morning text to wook.

"Good morning my future bed buddy for a week and a half."

His response:

"Good morning my future bed hogger for a week and a half."

You know what. I'm awesome. I don't need this crap. Okay, well I'll totally put up with it because he's the cheese to my macaroni (lol, sorry had to quote it). It'll have been dang near 8 months the moment I see his cute lil face. Well, actually now thinking about it. I'll probably see an enraged wookie. I mean, we'll be at the airport and all. You know how drivers get worse the more East you are. Airports don't help. I can see it now. Well, actually, I can hear it now. Wook yelling at all the idiots. And that, ladies and gentleman, will be my 'welcome home baby, I've missed you.' Not love and affection, but "move your ass you stupid warlock. Ohhhhhh Myyyyy Gaaawwwwwdddd..."

Countdown has begun: less than one month (fly out date: December 19, 2008 at 6am)

Who's dedicated? This bed hog right here. Two thumbs pointed at myself, because I'm awesome, lol.

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