Sunday, November 9


So lucky for us, we had to be on the road bright and early...the next morning after Halloween.

Seriously, who plans this stuff?

So ya, I jumped into the truck without changing outta the pj's or putting on makeup. Sorry if it scares ya.

What would game day be without some more jello shot action? And these are a completely separate batch than the ones that were made for Halloween. These were delicious. And of course Hayley partook. After all, once you're outta the house...your liver is your own. And I think I know where I get my excitement for jello shots. Just look at my dad. :)

Hayley being too lazy to tie her shoes. She's the youngest of the runts. Just ask her about it, lol.

The smell of bratwurts. The crisping open of beer. The fall of leaves. Ahhh, Oregon State.

My dad sternly listening to the Duck game.

Thankfully the rain held off for most of the night. The most it rained was five minutes in the first half. Awesomeness. Just don't get me started on the refs. I will have choice words for that game.

Bitchin' season ticket seats. We sit when we want. We stand when we want. By far better than the student section. (Meghan, will we see you for the '09 season?)

Benny rockin' out at the halftime show with his Guitar Hero prop. Lame. But still awesome.

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  1. Yes, yes you will. If I don't get out there at the beginning of December, I will be there by the end of March--you bet your sweet bippy.