Saturday, November 15

Happy Anniversary!

So today celebrates a fun time in looking back at the memories of Corvallis. A few people I know, decided to like a certain other person, go on a couple dates, and think, hmm...I'll keep 'em. Happy anniversary to you!

Wook and I's is spent 3,000 miles apart. I'm in Corvallis, gearing up for the Beaver game today. Wook's still unaccounted for. I assume he's been intrigued by videogames, a movie, food, or Victoria Secret's supermodels. Can't blame him. He's a boy. And surprisingly, it's really our first anniversary apart. And with nothing we can really do about it, I just look forward to the holiday season when I get to board a plane eastbound. But I still have a little over a month to wait, so I try and not get my hopes up.

I just can't believe it's been 5 years. Honestly, knocks my socks off. Who would have known it could have been so fun? Although there's been some not-so-glorious moments (they usually occur in airports, involving lots of running noses, and red cheeks), there have been some hilarious times. When wook scared me from behind the partial wall in the townhouse our senior year. My mom thought I had gotten stabbed I screamed so loud. Too funny. And let's not forget Chef Boy-ar-wookie's mad kitchen skills. I definitely don't starve when he's in the kitchen. Oh, I miss that boy.


  1. OMG. Five years? Jk, I know that. So what exactly did you guys do on your first date? Mark and I went and saw Elf. Lame movie, but great results!

  2. OMG, Elf is awesome. Favorite Christmas movie.

    Wook and I didn't leave the futon. We watched movies all day long. I think we got up to bring food in from the kitchen, and maybe use the bathroom.