Friday, November 28

Giving thanks...

So today was the inevitable day of "eating too much, producing food babies, and falling asleep on the couch." Gawd, I love it. But today was started out on an upnote as I pounded the pavement before the festivities began seeing as a.) I haven't ran in awhile, b.) have a very important vacation coming up, and 3.) today is the mother-of-all-calorie-intake days.

But onto a theme that a familiar face touched on...what really makes me tick.

I'm thankful for text messaging because otherwise I would go crazy. I can't imagine how people dated back in the 1700's, writing letters back and forth between two continents. I can only hold myself together so much. Texting is one of my glues.

I'm thankful for family that will put up with me 'boomeranging' back home. I really don't know what I would have done. Honestly, would have moved into a yurt.

I'm thankful for all the support pillars of Navy life. It's not easy, sometimes it's not fun. But somehow we all got roped in for a reason. These irresistible guys we fell for. And as we bop around the country with different orders, again...thankfully for my thumb being extra inshape. :)

And lastly, I love that boy of mine. I honestly am having a very hard time holding myself together as another day passes. It's been so long. I feel bad when I inundate his phone with "25 days!," "24 days!" texts...but then again, who can blame me? It's not your average relationship where you can handle 7-8 months apart and still think someone' Sarah says..."the bee's knees." I've earned my trip. I'm beyond excited. It's all I think about. No really. All I think about.

And in case you were wonder, the countdown is now at 21 days! :)

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  1. Haha, I was thankful for texting too. And email, and phones...