Thursday, September 9

Blogger is being a bitch today.

Well...I was going to show you the latest project while in Hometown, Oregon, but Blogger is being a butt-puppet and not uploading my pictures.  So I guess I'll just have to tell you about it until uploading resumes.

Back in 1997, I inherited my grandparents' bedroom furniture.  Until now, I haven't needed the full 5-piece set so they've been on loan to my parents.  Well...come a wonderful PCS to California, my still not owning a dresser (I lived out of plastic bins in Virginia for a year and a half, but then totally returned them to Walmart right before we left for full refund - champion, I tell you!), I gave my 2-months notice to my mom that I'm taking my goods.   I also feel the need to break into song and dance about "I made up my mind, I'm keeping my baby furniture."

So over the past few days I've been sanding, staining, and new hardware-ing my new possessions.  Because walnut-colored bedroom furniture is not what Wookie & Co. prefers.  We like sleek, contemporary fixtures.  So black stain it is.  And brushed nickel hardware.  Thanks Home Depot for both.  Prices not announced (let's just say hardware is more expensive than I would have thought).

Today is hopefully our finally day of modernizing as I'm super tired of wearing the same nasty, painting clothes and I just want to eat Jackson Creek pizza.  This is the payment to both Middle Sister and Baby Sister for their assistance.  New furniture would cost $1,000+ (our taste just happens to be expensive).  Updated furniture = Home Depot + buying lunch for sister.  Plus a little sweat.  And with me not working at the moment, I'll sweat all I can.  I mean glow.  Girls don't sweat.

Hopefully Blogger will have their shiznit together when this is all done so I can brag about how I'm never going to update furniture again (this will probably be a lie).  This is just a bitch of a process that I'll weigh heavily the cost to pay someone to do this for me.  But it's all for the end-of-the-tunnel vision.  And that'll be Mr. Wookie coming home to a bedroom with a full set of furniture.  But an apartment that still lacks a dining room table and other seating.  Oh well, in the words of What About Bob?..."Baby Steps."


  1. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

  2. Damn you Blogger! I want to see this amazing furniture!

  3. So although I'm living out of "not even plastic drawers from Wally world", I must say, they look really fabulous. I'm just too old to have piles of clothes on the floor to pick from. Makes getting ready for work very interesting. Enjoy them. You did a great job.