Thursday, September 30

Blogger Confusion : (Updated)

Hi gang, so I'm shouting out to all Blogger users to see if I'm high...

 Hi, I'm cute and haven't been featured lately.  Stupid Blogger.

As you know, or now know, I've been having issues uploading pictures from England to the Furniture Renewal to my New Place to Today.  It's always giving me this craptastic "Server Expired" excuse.  And now when I just tested to see if I could upload more pictures, it warns me "I'm out of storage space."  WTF???  (I'd screen shot then post the actually Warning Box of Death...but I'm out of space.)

It blabs about Picasa...Google...blah, blah...1GB...snore...'What'd I miss?'

So now I'm fiddling with the whole Picasa concept which just annoys me more than anything, because I'm just a lousy milblogger who wants to blab her day.  Is that so much to ask for????  Oh, that and a great job.  But one thing at a time, eh?

Please leave your brilliance should you have any.  Not that you (my fabulous readers) aren't brilliant.  :footinmouth:  I'm just looking to figure this issue out.  Thanks y'all!!


Stab me. I'm out of room on Blogger.  So now I get to debate Quit Blogging or Use Other Means....:stabme:.  Obviously, I won't quit blogging, but please enlighten me how you do business?  How do you deal with high photo storage needs?  Thanks (again)!


  1. Ashley, your problem can be solved by just a few dollars.

    You can buy 20 gigs of storage for 5 bucks I think from google. That should be plenty of room for your photos and you can keep blogging!


  2. I agree. That's the only viable option with my current income (oh wait!). I don't want to use a blog maintenance site yet for the monthly fee. Wook say's "Happy Birthday - here's more storage space." How ROMANTIC. :D