Thursday, September 23

The ways Mrs. Wookie is grumpy...

* Waking up in the morning without any responsibility makes me sad.  I don't dig the Betty Homemaker lifestyle.  I dig the Sally SuitWearer lifestyle.  I never thought I'd say I miss the suits of the East Coast.  But...I miss the suits of the East Coast.

* There's a laundry list of things that are going wrong with the Wookie & Co. household.  Like an oven that's had 2 power failures in 2 weeks.  And a sink that won't unclog after I merely rinse the dishes.  And you can imagine what a Ging is like when it comes to the home being not perfect..."Oh, Mr. Landlord..."

* I caravaned across the area today looking for kitten-heel cocktail shoes.  And fail.  FAIL.  FAIL.  FAIL!  Aldo = nope.  Nine West = not even.  Cole Hann (not that I'd pay that freakin' price!) = wah wah wah (that's the mopey Price-Is-Wrong tune.  This is what I get for searching for love with 24 hours to a Navy Ball.  I never will learn.

* Have I mentioned I'm bored without working yet?

* Fail for the one employment agency that wanted me to enter all my information into their little database.  Umm, this is why I made a fantastic I don't have to have it ugliafied (totally a word) by your database. And this is nothing against employment agencies.  Completely the opposite.  They usually work wonders for me.

* Fail to that same company that wanted me to put my address on said resume.  Yes, because after your posting this resume online, I'd LOVE to have some stalkers in my building looking for me.  Umm, not really.  This is the modern age.  People do kidnap people...still.  And here you go, wanting me to put my sole existence on this little piece of paper so employers "know where I live."  Yes, and after that let's invite Charles Manson over for some tea.  Maybe some hot chocolate.  And cross-stitch.  Because he won't be thinking about how to Lacey Peterson my ass.

* Tomorrow we get INTERNET!  Yes.  No more piggybacking on my neighbors.  Thanks neighbors though.  Seriously.  This blog only has 3 readers now, but at least that's 3 readers.

* Yesterday I went out for a run and some cross training.  Insight: I ran a mile away (actually 1.1 miles) and then did a series of ab work, walking lunges, some step-ups, calf raises, and more walking lunges.  And the cross training killed me more than the running.  Hmm...Yes, I had to run 1.1 miles home still.

* It's getting close to my birthday.  Which means that 30 is even MORE close than I'd like.  Seriously.  Who likes getting older?  The only thing to look forward to are presents.  But even that's not exciting since my parents assisted in the fundage of my dining room table.  Happy birthday, Mrs. Wookie.  You now have a place to eat.

* Nay to the Girls Next Door.  And yes, I mean those Girls-Next-Door former Hefner girlfriends.  I've been watching Season 1 and 2, and can't wait to express how my body image has dwindled in those past few days.  Now I realize why girls get their boobs done.  Have you seen 30-year-old boobs before?  Well...I'm not looking forward to that.  Or maybe I should say 'I'm not looking downward for that.'  This is certainly an epic fail.  Thanks Hef.  Never thought I'd be body conscious past 19.  I was wrong.

* We're out of lettuce in the house.  Minus iceberg.  While this is classified as a lettuce, we reserve it for times of "crunch" like tacos and burgers.

* I bought a cross-stitch a few days ago at Michael's.  Thinking it was on terms of our decorating scheme, I couldn't wait to start it.  Now I'm realizing that this is way above my ability level.  Not to mention my ability level is that of a 4-year-old.  I'm going to have to call in the big guns for this.  Oh, Mr. Wookie (I'm not kidding).

* I was amidst a shoe battle today at Nordstrom Rack when I e-blasted Baby Sister, Middle Sister, and Mr. Wookie for advice on shoe selections.  Thanks to my phone for dying, I only heard back from Baby Sister.  It was a go for bright-ass yellow pumps.

* And I'm having a bit of a crisis in the shoe department as I fear for Mr. Wookie's reputation.  See...I plan on wearing a white-with-black-lace-psuedo-1950's-ish-cocktail-dress to the Navy Ball tomorrow.  So my search for jewel-colored shoes ended up in failure.  So I found a couple potentials.  But then anxiety took over me.  What if they think I'm a wack-job for wearing colored shoes with a black/white dress.  What if Mr. Wookie is shunned because of this.  What if I kill his career????  What if...what if...what if???  

Yes, I've had a beer since this minor panic attack.

So tomorrow I'll play "Flamingo" with the 2 pairs I brought home.  And if I'm still not feeling them, there's always the mall tomorrow afternoon.  Then maybe next time I'll mark Shoe Shopping in my calendar.

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