Monday, September 20

So a Ging walks into wifi...

Remember that one time I didn't blog for one week?

Remember that one time I still didn't have internet after being back in California for a week?

Remember that one time my doorbell rang and Mr. Wookie was standing at the door?

Remember that one time we went to buy a dining room set but they couldn't deliver until Wednesday?

Remember that one time that Blogger was a nicumpoop and wouldn't upload my pictures?

If you do, you're amazing.  I'll give you a high five.  Or a low five.  Whatevs.

So it's been a week, and I do apologize for all the silence.  With Mr. Wookie's early arrival home, we decided to go full throttle into finishing up the house.

We've purchased a couch/loveseat combo - delivery is next weekend.

We've purchased a dining room set - delivery is this week.

And THANK GOD that our washer/dryer were delivered yesterday.  Because I couldn't stand the stare at the piles anymore.  That and Mr. Wookie's seabag (which is on base - why? I don't know) will also have more laundry to add to the pile.  So 1950's-Mrs. Wookie has been busy.  But only in the laundry room.  Mr. Wookie so cooked last night.  Welcome home.

But yes, Mr. Wookie's home.  Unexpectedly.  I was living it up single-Mrs. Wookie style.  Dishes in the sink. Clothes thrown wherever.  Whatever.  He's not due back for another week.  Shweet.  Wrong.

Now if only Blogger would fix their issues with my uploading pictures.  a.) I have a whole day dedicated to Little Man. b.) Y'all still haven't seen my dresser updates! c.) Blogging without pictures bores even ME. (and) d.) This has been going on for some time.  Is it me?  Or is it them? (Please say 'them!')

Hopefully there'll be more of me.  And my blogging.  And digital proof of my existence vs. mere typing away at my keyboard.  But first,  I need an entryway bench, that's black, and 3' wide.  Maybe some baskets underneath to store shat.  Yes, that sounds nice.

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  1. I REMEMBER! And blogging about nothing is better than not blogging at all. Thanks for the update.
    Love you
    MOM, aka Momma Ging.