Friday, September 3

Me talk random today.

I've been perusing Craigslist this week looking for everything from kayaks to bikes to composters to leather couches and beyond.  I wouldn't mind picking up things while in Oregon because they'll be a.) previously enjoyed, and b.) cheaper in Oregon than California.  Plus buying anything in Oregon avoids that annoying sales tax that California has.

Tomorrow will be a great day because not only will I be attending wine tasting in the area, but Saturday marks opening day for BEAVER FOOTBALL.  We're a little jazzed in this household considering we're more than just bandwagon fans.  We're alumni.  Proud alumni.

I'm in the hole to Brother and Sister-in-Law as they made breakfast this past Wednesday after the SIL and I went out walking that morning. I feel babysitting duty coming up.  And I won't mind.  As long as Little Man is having a good day.  And there's no poop.

I have one more week in Hometown, Oregon, before I head back down to California.  This excites me as I'll be starting my search for employment to ease the boredom I face during the day.  Really, unemployment is only fun when there's a trust fund involved.  Otherwise I just go into "Cheap Ging" overdrive and pinch pennies harder than a vice grip.

For the past year or so, I've been interested in using eye cream as I creep closer towards that stupid 30-year-old age bracket. Suck. But I don't know anyone who uses I don't have any reviews.

I really hope that I can start composting in California (vermiculture for those who are interested) and can curb the even minute amount of trash that the Wookie & Co. household makes.  Sometimes I wish I weren't as eco-conscious as I am, but I can't help it.  It's my only OCD condition and I have to embrace it.  But first let me wash my hands.  With Mrs. Meyers eco-friendly soap.

I'm not sure what I think about Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.  Can you really move the class and pizazz of New York City to Atlanta?  I'm not sure if it can suffice in comparison.  I mean, Kleinfeld's is Kleinfeld's.  People come there from all over.  Who wants to go to Atlanta and sweat their ass off in the heat and humidity???  Yes, I'd like this gown with the pit stains.  Thanks.

My ass is numb right now.  I've been sitting on the floor since my laptop is charging and I need to be close to the wall outlet. Boo.

The Sheriff just came to me with the "I thirst" eyes.  It's only 4:26pm.  My rule is: Beverage at 4:50pm.  Unless your day is from Hell.  Then that's a free pass to anything.  But until I find work, and am incredibly stressed, and having events change at last notice, I don't need to drive home like a maniac and pound the vodka like a bum.  I'm on vacation now.  I have no stress.


  1. Our city actually picks up compost and puts it in the city's compost heap. It is completely awesome. I only end up dragging the trash out to the curb every 3 weeks because I recycle and compost so much.

  2. Ooooo, I'm so jealous. I've looked into my City but they only have composting seminars and strongly support it. Maybe I'll look into private entities since there are a strong amount of farms in the area.

  3. Blah blah blah, I now live on a coast that supports vermiculture. I'm so cool.

    Whatever, I'm so opening the wallet for my city composter. That, I can get in Orange and Black. So it will be like, super awesome and cool.

    Miss you.

  4. DH & I are in Eugene for the opening game of the Ducks. No alumni here though, I just married into it:)