Friday, September 3

So the Ging almost forgets another Friday Fill-In...woops!

Without any normalcy in my life, I keep forgetting about these pesky things.  Nothing personal, but obviously I can't wait to get back to my routine in life.  But until, you get to hear about my vacation relaxation in Oregon and how I have nothing to do with my day.  I'm bored.  But I'll enjoy this break in life as much as the next milblogger.
So head over to Wife of a Sailor for Friday's fun.  And maybe you'll find more bloggers with me to stalk as I make something more out of today.
1. What is a weird/funny superstition that you have? (from A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench)
I'm terrified to talk about anything good in life, because I have a feeling it will all crumble around me.  I didn't blog about all the houses we toured because I didn't think we'd find a place.  I didn't blog about my job search in detail in Virginia because I was wary about landing something in there economic times.  I'm very scared that I'll jinx it all and then I'll be left to blog about nothing!  So then I just ramble at you (which you'll experience this afternoon - you're welcome).

2. What are your hopes and dreams for the years AFTER the military? After all, we aren’t in it forever! (from Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos)
As much as I want to settle some place in Oregon, there's something about vagabonding your time together.  I like seeing the country.  This is a lifestyle that not everyone can handle, so I like to grab it by the horns.

I don't know what we'll do, as this is a long-away thought.  Mr. Wookie's commitment just started last December (the E-2 platform is very long, even though he's been in for 3 years) so talk to me in 5 years.  Maybe I'll have a better estimate.
3. Since [this] month is National Apple Month (no really!), I’d probably ask: What is your yummiest apple recipe? (from NH Girl Displaced)
Besides the standard apple pie (which homemade crust is a bitch to make so I usually make a cobbler or crumble), I just like to make sure there's cognac or some other flavorful adult liquid in whatever it is that I make.  I look out for my tastebuds. :D

4. How long have you gone as a military spouse without talking to your husband/wife during service? (from A Navy Princess and Her Little Sailors)
Oooooo, this is something I don't track/haven't had the pleasure of tracking since all of our time apart was spent voluntarily with flight school (I'm still not the biggest fan of Pensacola).  But since we're now in the "real" Navy (I say "real" because I felt that flight school was a protective shell from the future of deployments.  I was nice.  I don't miss it since we were able to get off the East Coast, but it was a fun time for us.), I should probably start charting these fun facts.  Oh joy.

5. I occasionally watch When I was 17… on MTV. So, what was something that was significant about your 17th year of life? (from Ashley Amazing)
Hmmm...this would have been my junior year of high school (I'm an October birthday), so my class load wasn't anything special.  I did take the Senior year-required Economics course a year early, so that was a little different.  I wasn't working since I was playing sports (basketball and softball).  I wasn't really thinking about college.  I didn't go to school dances (until my Senior Homecoming and Prom) because I thought they were lame (HC and Prom were very lame - it was disappointing).  And my stubborn hippie sense of self wasn't developed at all as I probably threw away soda cans.  So pretty much, boring.

I hope my favorite people in Virginia Beach, Virginia, are enjoying the weather as Hurricane Earl forces gallons of water down their throats.  Maybe they're stalking a little Sam Champion (from Good Morning America) action while he's reporting the weather on the beach.  If so, throw a picture my way.  He's kinda cute.


  1. homemade crust is a bitch, indeed! That's why I immediately go to the pillsbury section!

  2. My DH calls it the real Navy too...and it's better too! Well, except for the pesky deployments!