Monday, September 27

Happy Job-Hunting Monday!

Not that I have profound opinions on diamonds...

I just found this hilarious.  Maybe this is because I've been staring my computer screen updating my Linked In, networking with old colleagues, building online resumes, and moisturizing my lips to land a superb employment opportunity.  Or maybe it's because I only had lunch at 2:30pm and I'm still feeing starved.

You'd think Barney Stinson would have designed this.

But Day #1 is coming to an end in the world of "Operation: Bring Home the Bacon."  Tomorrow I have a few appointments with employment agencies that have some legitimate job listings that intrigue me.  So we'll see.  Just know I won't be applying for anything Housekeeper on  No, no, no.  I don't clean hotel rooms.  Thanks.

And it'll be nice to be reunited with my suits.  My darling suits.  I've missed you.  Have you missed me?  You better.  Because that means you like being worn.  And you like the power..

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