Monday, September 13

It's just another manic Monday (oh oh oh)

Hello all, just thought I'd ramble some incoherent thoughts to you on this surprisingly sunny day in Southern coastal California.  I'm on the patio, in the sun, waiting for my $4 merlot to breathe, then it's Happy Hour! 

Saturday was our 12-hour trek from Southern Oregon to Southern California.  Never again - I'm so over roadtrips.  Not that the trip was entirely dramatic (unless you count the sisters freakin' out that they were going to run out of gas on the Grapevine).  I'm just over being stuck in a car traveling (unless I can sleep through the whole thing).  I'm sooo flying home for Christmas.  Which has me thinking.  We need to nail down flying dates for Mr. Wookie's cousin's wedding near Seattle the weekend before Christmas.

Today we hit up the fun destination of Costco.  Of course, we purchased 2 huge boxes of Cheerios.  Plus some Charmin (since Mr. Wookie claims he's worth the non-hippie purchase of premium toilet paper - I say "pssssh").

Mr. Wookie's mom said she missed the blog since it's been silent for a few days (Hi Bonnie! I know I miss you.  You should come visit.  After we actually have furniture in the place - otherwise you get an airbed [classy!]).

Yes, we're still furniture-less.  I struck out in Oregon.

What else should I ramble on about?

The Sheriff and Baby Sister fly back tomorrow out of LAX.  That leaves me...all a city where I know...1 other person.  Joy.  So maybe I'll take Wednesday morning and go play at Target (since I still need to purchase a Libman Wonder Mop).  Target always makes a girl happy.  And a 2-story Target should really make me happy. :)

I'm still trying to weed through the boxes that were left by Mr. Wookie who had to ferociously leave in a hurry as the "going away" date kept changing.  To be honest, the boy doesn't know how to pack with any organization when it comes to moving.  There are maps of Pensacola flight charts, mixed with his Game Boy, mixed with turtle food, and a shit ton of wires.  Oh, right, wait...there's no reason for this to be in the same box.

So these boxes of fun will be left for him to come back to.  You're welcome, handsome.

This $4 merlot is something.  The Sheriff was shocked it was a 4-Buck Chuck.

I'm still butt-hurt the Whole Foods isn't open until Fall 2011.

And I should have looked for composting structures while at Home Depot today.  But I didn't.  Fail.  Sorry Mother Nature.

Oh, and our washer and dryers are being delivered next Sunday.  Because when I called yesterday, that was their soonest availability.  Yes, I should have called while in Hometown, Oregon, but I didn't think about it - Plus, I was up to my ears in stain.  So thank goodness this blogger has enough underwear to get through a natural disaster.  Because I don't need donations of underwear on my doorstep.  Not yet at least.  Unless you guys are sponsoring Victoria's Secret.  By all means then.


  1. Oh! A two-story Target sounds glorious!

  2. I'm glad you made it to SoCal okay. The drive is NOT fun. I don't care to drive to my In-laws because of the time but your drive was definitely longer. (They live in Northern Cali about an hour north of Sacramento). I hope you don't have to do any long distance drives anytime soon.