Saturday, September 4

Saturday Wine Tasting

What's better than Game Day Saturday vs. TCU??  Ummm, wine tasting at the Harry & David flagship store here in Medford, Oregon.  Where do we sign up??

So for starters, we jaywalked across a 5-lane highway.  No big deal.  We've got the Sheriff with us.  We're immune.

The white tent is where all the action happens.  Over 30 vendors, $15 per person entry fee, and a souvenir glass.  The buzz is free.  If you can handle it.  And we can.  We're professional.

The nightmare of the entry line.

But...amidst the action...there was a Captain Phil sighting in the band playing on location.  By the side, the guitarist totally looks like the late Captain.  I would have gone up to ask for a picture with him, but we hadn't started drinking yet so my confidence was low.

As you can tell, we're rockin' our Orange (and the Sheriff in white) on behalf of Game Day. There were a few "Spew of O" duck feathers, but the Beavers represented much more in mass.  Glad we went to the proper school.

The merlots and Cabs were fantastic, although the prices weren't always in the "unemployed mindset."  I'm not working, people.  I like those sub-$20 wines.  Although my palette likes the $35+ crowd.  Damn it!

Amidst our touring, of course we meeted and greeted with the other Oregon State fans that graced the event.  Well...because of our choice for such a fine university, these other  Beaver Fans decided to donate their extra drink coupons (because they were leaving) to us.  Woohoooooooo!!!

So obviously we welcomed in putting a liver to extra use.  Can't be rude.

But before we leave, we hit up the Jelly Bean carousel of sampling.

Dr. Stacey Kervorkian landed the "Is it licorice or skunk spray?"  As did I.

Sheriff ended up with the "Is it popcorn or rotten egg?"  It, thankfully, was popcorn.

But we survived.  Just in time for kick off.  So let's go Beavs.  Make us proud!


  1. Looks fun! You can't beat a wine tasting and jelly beans!

  2. I want a pic with Mr Jelly Belly!!!