Sunday, September 26

I'm so ready for a paycheck again.

My internal gut is starting to wrench.  Tomorrow is a big day.

What was supposed to happen last week has been delayed to tomorrow.  And while it was nice to delay the inevitable, it's time to suck up being the new girl in town.

Tomorrow will start my first official day of looking for work in Southern California.  And this slightly scares me.  I don't remember being nervous in Virginia, even though I was under the same circumstances as here.  I was new to the town.  It was just Mr. Wookie and I.  And we were trying to make it big.  And by 'big,' I mean make it in general.

But we survived.  In fact, I'd say we flourished.  It was our first time living with anyone of the opposite sex.  We took a chance on our relationship, and it worked.  There was no awkward break-in period between us.  It was just We're finally together.  And this is our place.  Okay, we still maintain that it was just his place - I happened to just infiltrate the closet, the bathroom space, the vodka supply, and the veggie bin in the fridge.

Now we're feeling like we're actually making our own space here.  This is a nice feeling.'s time for us to get back into our normal routine, so it's time for Mrs. Wookie to bring home some bacon.  And let's also note that the incredible boredom I face as a Betty Homemaker.  There is only so much you can do around a house when you only have 2 people living there.  Let's just say laundry doesn't really stack up with only 2 in the house.  Thank goodness.

I'm so ready to rock my pencil skirts again.

So wish me luck in my search efforts.  And an endless supply of vodka to soothe my spirits (get it - spirits?).  And we'll see how things go.  Tomorrow is progress.

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  1. Good luck! I think job hunting is the worst! Keep your spirits high (and the vodka supply high, too)!